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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Stinking Theives!

Well its been a interesting week and not all that good from a point of view, there is a certain amount of paranoia going around, some one or a group of some ones are targeting our village, I learned from Bernie our guy next door that someone had broken into a house on the street, lots of speculation and nervous eyes watching everyone and every car that pull into the car park that sits neatly to the side of our house.

I hear it all from it was 2:15am and the low life’s went thru the front door as the two elderly people lay asleep in there bed, but in fact when I went to the local post office come General store, come gossip central, I asked one of the local girls about it, she was being unduly cagey about the whole thing and for good reason, the owner of the house that was broken into was standing right behind me.

Getting back to the house with Obi howling at me for leaving him even if its only for 2 mins, we were in the conservatory I was fixing out the stove for a nice afternoon of warmth and reading as well as keep an eye on Twitter, the door bell rings.

From the corridor I can see a woman standing holding a loaf of bread thinking did I forget to pick mine up, I open the door, the woman smiles and introduces herself.

Nab: Hello I hope you don’t mind, I was listening to your conversation with Leslie in the shop?

Me: Yes I was it was terrible to hear, I was talking to Bernie next door and he told me that someone was broken into (shaking my head in disapproval) terrible news.
Nab: Yes it is it was my house that was broken into, just thought I come and warn you that these people are around.

Me: Yes It got me worried enough to install my CCTV around my property, you can never be to safe, (I stop thinking then say) I am so sorry that its happened to you it must be horrible to think that your place was targeted and ask how did they gain access?

Nab: they came over the field behind our home, and got in thru the back window, I look at her property its got an alarm.

Me: I notice that she follows my gaze, she whispers we did not have it on, this is not unusual nothing ever happens here in our little village and when I found out about it Bernie said he has started to use his alarm as well now since the property was ransacked.

People can be too comfortable and trusting in these area’s in a macabre sort of way maybe it’s a good thing every one talking about it everyone is take added precautions making sure they don’t be come a victim myself included in all this drama, and yes its drama, the Police think it’s a group from Harlow or London that’s coming this way, and yes they did say a group, for the stuff that was taken would take more than one person to carry.

The lady told me that they made off with her Telly, two Laptops and all her jewellery the telly being a 50inch plasma although easy to carry but still its heavy unless he or they had a ruck sake of some sort to carry the rest, and considering this was in the afternoon most people would be at work at this time, still the road is very well used so someone must have seen a guy walking with a big massive telly you would think, but noo it seems he they just disappeared in to the shadows of day light!

It took me the better part of a day to fix out all the wires and place the box for the CCTV, poor obi thought I had abandoned him to his fate he could see me but could not help, he’s such a good helper like running of with anything that he can get in his mouth, or just a bloody pirate as we like to call him.

The good thing about having CCTV is I can keep watch of front and back of our little castle, though I have noticed a thief in the form of a squirrel nicking the fat balls from the tree, I don’t mind this they can be so funny lucky I had my video camera at hand and filmed him getting his chops around a fat ball, quite funny really must put it on youtube soon. As I write this its just up loaded for all to see, so far its all been good, even thought these are the guys responsible for nearly making the brown squirrel extinct but enjoy all the same

I been listening to my scanner for the past week, the air traffic is quite something else, but one thing is niggling me so much that I have to do something about it, the reception is bloody weak, I need a new aerial so I can get wider coverage, I don’t like listening to air craft one way, the control tower is far much better.

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