The Crows nest!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Poor England!

What a start to a week, England dumped or humped out of the world cup, Ok I’m a Scot’s man and all that, but my family are English and did I feel for them with what happened on the field of dreams nay I tell you the field of Nightmares. Germany did not just give England a bloody nose they made England look like a bunch of Sunday armatures, I think you can say with out a shadow of doubt England was Lucky it was only 4, I felt for James he did so well, and was by far the best England player on the day even if he had let 4 goals in, it could have been much much worse.

I got to sign on this week, and was wondering if I should ask to do the seetek course again I found it helpful that last time I did it and also you get free tea and its quite social as well since more or less every one on the same boat as me, well maybe not the same boat I have got my Indian head massage course coming up in the next few weeks and I have been studying the book I got from Amazon for only £5 Including P&P which normally retails for £15 hoot!

But the reason for Seetek is they have so much facilities that I can use, and all the help that I could ever want and its all free, music to a poor mans ears if you ask me.

And for 12 weeks it keeps the DSS off my back completely which is a bonus still I have to sign on every fortnight which is no hardship but, its in and out when you tell them your doing Seetek, all part of my motives in doing what I want, and now I qualifies for £750 for the course I cannot afford sports massage, if I was working I would never had done it but circumstances dictate that I move along a different path to what I once had known, still its health but I will be my own boss fingers crossed.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Well I have enrolled myself at the cost of £199 to do a one day diploma course in Indian Head Massage course with the prospect of doing the NVQ in tandem which I think usually takes up to 8-12weeks for complication, and I have to have a client base of practice usually this is quite detailed but the good thing with the diploma is I can charge for my services, thought I would think that for the first few months I be just happy to get the practice so if your near to me, I do you for free, thought spaces will be taken up fast for freebies, thought they don’t know it yet my sisters and brothers are going to have electric hair and heads quite soonish haha.

Its been feeling more like summer this past week, I have spent a fair amount of time on the patio watching the birds cavort, fight and feed particularly the fountain seems to be a social point for all of them all for drinking and washing its got two tiers large birds on the bottom its wider and the small one on top which attracts the blue tits, robins, finches and well as doves.

My only problem with this is Obi yep that pirate of a dog loves to have a go at the birds not so much the little ones but doves, pigeons and crows are fair game, thought they are much faster than him and get away easy enough but Obi is getting so agile and very fast he will one day bag himself one, I will keep trying to teach him that birds are our friends but there is only so much you can teach him and his tender 7months.

Whoop the post man has been after taking Obi for a walk on me doorstep was the book I just ordered from Amazon yesterday afternoon Indian head massage by Narendra Mehta how fast is that and my booking forms and confirmation letter from Carlton institute for the course all at the same time, needless to say I’m a bit excited.

I got the fright of my life a few days ago on a walk with my faithful hound Obi, as we walked around the fields we were making our way back home again, I was in a bit of a tied mood, as we were on the long stretch home, I nearly stepped on a large 3.5-4ft snake, now I’m not scared of snakes in the least, I have had snakes as pets before, but this one just caught me so un aware it hissed so loudly I jumped back now the snake I was expecting a grass snake or one of those rare adders we have, but this guy was big slender and very black yes black! There is no black snakes in the UK I believe it to be a adult black pine snake it looks like this, my brush with the critter was over in the space of a few seconds and I did not have my camera on me, damn it I always carry a camera most of the time why did I not have it I’ll never know.