The Crows nest!

Monday, 18 February 2013

The Brighton half Marathon

What a beautiful day for running your heart out having fun, weather as a spectator or as myself a spectator dog walker, even Obi found it all rather amusing personally I could not have asked for a nicer day, and as with any nice day it all starts in the morning.

Well its 5:18am the time I have started this blog, I woke to use the loo, but feel actually quite refreshed and actually wide awake, I was dreaming about a trip I had following in the footsteps of someone who died over 2000 years ago! (Don't ask!)

I have sent a feeler into the Astral for a pair of dancing shoes, size 8 one inch heel black or B/W and I asked out of the blue does that big boot sale still go one up the top of the hill on the Sunday? Nicola responding it indeed did, and gave me directions on how to get to it, so it a really early start for me and fingers crossed the powers that be have heard my plee.

Well for a start there was no boot-sale at the race corse it was all turned over to the Brighton half Marathon, which was ok, I don't have that much money till Saturday or Monday. So it was over the hill for me and Oberon and right down to the beach front, coming from the tall mobile phone mast with its array of antenna's and round dishes, it brings you out directly behind the hospital where I spent a small amount of time after my first heart attack.

What a day for a Marathon the sun was shining it was cool I would not say it was very warm but the buss of the crowd watching and taking part was such good fun, I even cheered on Batman and a Banana egging them on only a little more to go fella, and Lassies.

Such a good positive vibe from everyone it keeps me going by the time it was time to head back to the flat in Whitehawk I was clapping and cheering my lungs out that is something no one could ever take away from the British public we are a nation of we care passionately for family, friends and our good causes, well done all of you runners whom or who ever you are, I salute you xxxx