The Crows nest!

Friday, 8 January 2016

Triangles and Butterflies a phenomenon in Action.

Magic in Motion an Observation by Alan Arrmand Adams 1st Jan 2016

we are now 6 years from when that photo of Oberon was taken in our back garden in Sheering Essex 13th of October 2009 the world, well its now 1st Jan 2016 were in a b&b or the Royal Promenade Hotel, Percival Terrace Kemptown Brighton BN21FA nestled among a georgian jungle of high rise fashionable buildings white, more or less clean.

Picture one was the start of the start of the journey on the west side under cliff area of Brighton Marina in the early hours 01:35am I witnesses a massive black Triangle pass silently over head and head out to the channel Ocean heading south towards france backed up point first and climbed into the night sky.
The reason I guess I saw it was we, me and my dog Oberon were on the streets at the time, the day after I was found accommodation with my dog, he my companion, and it was good timing I had contracted pneumonia a day or two before my meeting with the council manager who saw I was close to death, and has unfortunately has limited my life... phone the manager of the hotel I was refused into because of my dog found a way to get us in. We were safe for now. 

Picture 2 is part of the strange affair of the hotel thief, who I had known for near on a year now, and I did  have run in with him way bake in the hotel of rotten scoundrels and vile scots men, that can't even remember the names of guests (Oh I'm a Scot's man btw :-) 

It was there I met the hotel thief for the first time, very angry very volatile and was already stealing well from the kitchen I didn't use the kitchen there for the first month or so I was just trying to get a bit of normality, in this mad situation we were in.

In the first few weeks we were living a real nightmare time no money no food well for me we shared what we could, I was getting adept at market bin raiding you can feed yourself for nothing but you take your choice go and beg or go and find I like to find, and I have friends if it really gets messy that is the mark of having a true friend someone just to be there in times of need.

and I'm skint now I as write this better send her a text in the morning ~huffs~

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Why Do it? Dieing in the Surf

Each day starts with Oberon serenading me with his sound track and head rubbing to wake me up, I love these morning wh
en you actually had a good night’s rest and was able to meditate quietly for 20 mins with my hand on Oberon’s head.

As I put Oberon’s collar on, he always jumps up to greet me face to face he stands on the bed since its been raised 1.5ft and I get the most amazing morning breath freshness of HRH.

Our morning walk always starts from the black rock area of Kemptown, the morning traffic is so fast you have to take your life in your hands it has a 30mph limit but no one ever notices it.

I walk onto the groin to watch the waves of the morning ebbing tide, it takes a full minute to realise something on the shore looked human, and it was. Obi was standing on the wall, he was looking he gave out a bark and proceeded to walk towards the lifeless body.

From what I could see, the soul had departed and there was no chance of life, I called the police they came soon, then the coroner came as well, he nodded to me, we met before on the beach, it’s a hazard but if you’re a dog walker, you will come across a body.

I gave my statement to the attending officer, and asked to leave after taking my details we were on our walk again, but I walked around the west side of the break water, and in silent prayers, I prayed for his soul to find its way home.

The kicker to this is the body I found was the hotel thief, the same guy who fell in my room at 3am, and who I helped to get back to his room till I found out he was stealing from other residents.

And yet when other residents are told he is dead, they laugh saying he had it coming... Coming what? I showed him the picture I took one of the body and one from a distance one person actually asked for a copy of the body so he could show his friends. I told him what I thought of him.

Constant canine companions
One thing you must keep in mind is if you ever come across a body take photographs simply because you are walking on a potential crime area, I offered all pictures and stuff to police and will destroy all I don’t ever use