The Crows nest!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

to Mountfitchet castle and Norman village

Ever been to Mountfitchet castle and Norman village from 1066? Well if not read on its actually quite a nice day out and if your in this area of Essex a great day out for the kids, grandkids, and kids of all ages.

The roar of the Honda Rebel as Tommy Two wheels, and he gingerly turns into our car port, my bike is still of the road or we be on our bikes heading of into the sun set, Instead we take the Treader our faithful Suky wagon R.

Before we head off for our destination, Tom has to make a quick visit to the post office for his tax disk for the rebel, but in no time he’s back and we off to Bishop Stortford taking the back roads to the Castle, for some strange reason we get lost and end up at Arthur Findley college which is the Psychic place interesting we be going there in the not too distant future.

We arrive the whole place sits on a hill, its quite a sight to look at totally made of wood and stone.

But before we vesture into the compound we visit the toy museum and haunted manor.

Talk about a long walk up, its very steep, pity there was not a little more in development, for wheel chairs or people with weak legs its not a place to visit although there is some seating the way up, which when its busy must be used quite often by the less mobile.

Dotted along the path are Dinosaur’s of various shapes and sizes not to scale mind you if there were they need an area 4-5times the size.

It even had a cave woman who for her age looked rather well and had really good hair for a cave woman I expected matted and flea ridden but then cave men and women must have been as clean as us chuckles.

Even old T Rex was kept in a cage missing his torso poor wee thing.

We went on the Haunted Manor first before a walk around the toys, now compared to Madame Tussauds, it was a blessed relief which I found totally stupid people dressed up and not convincing, but the Haunted Manor.

Did not have people dressed up it was all-electronic and sound and motion activated, and it only cost a pound.

And you get to use a little lantern that needs manual wind up the light did not last long till your plunged into darkness,

Which was good not to scary, I recommend this to anyone that has small kids its fun and we all like to hear excited screams don’t we mums and dads?

I cant recommend this attraction enough really my only moan would be it did not last long enough but I suppose where kids are concerned, it might be too long lol.

The toy museum is touted as the largest in the world and I would not disagree in fact, so much of the stuff I remember from my own child hood action man, UFO, captain Scarlett etc the list goes on and on, even some military hardware, bren guns, hats which yes you guessed it you could try on, I have always wanted a German one for my bike, god I would so love to get my paws on one of these.

Even Tom wants one now, and who could blame him if he gets one before me, I’ll rob him.

Personally I think I look better in one Tom see pmsl (hint hint)
I just love toys any toys as long as its for boys, if I was locked in that place for a weekend, I would never get bored and I mean that.

Bliss total bliss, I have not had that much fun since my captain scarlet days.

Now a tip to save you at least £30 depending on how many kids your taking, the haunted manor has a flyer which you can get from the desk it give you £1 reduction for a party of four so make sure you grab one before you pay, and the cafĂ© is quite expensive thought the stuff is quite good, but its pricey so get some cling film, bottles of water and juice and take a bloody picnic its so worth it, and there is plenty of places to sit down and have a nice cheep lunch, thought you will have to watch out for the local Mafia.

Namely the animals that roam and I mean roam around all over the Norman village, deer, sheep, goats, velosoraptors (be good kids) Chickens and the aggressive turkeys (I was robbed I tell ya)

You can buy a bag of food for the animals it’s encouraged that you do, its balanced and keeps them healthy and believe me they are healthy and fat on the handouts they get from everyone.

I was surprised to see a ducking pond, it had a few animals with in its enclosure the deer as so friendly, thought it was not always so, most if not all the animals have had quite a rotten life before they came to grace the village, Kudo’s to them its nice to see happy animals doing there thing free of pain and suffering no wonder why I love chickens even if they peck you to death.

The village is large by Norman standards you can almost feel the history oozing from this place I love it and I would go back at the drop of a hat or German one if I can get my mitts on one.

The attraction costs £9 for adults Children £7 but if you take a picnic like I said you be quid’s in and you need money to spend in the shop which by standards of other shops is really good and they even sell weapons hats and other stuff thought pricey but they look so good have a look when you go as you go in the entrance of the place, they even buy old games from you too, which has had me rummaging in my attic looking for old gems.

Go it’s worth it, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed nor your kids, in a word FUN.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Indian head massage course.

I went on my Indian head massage course only a few days ago… And it did make me feel that I have archived something, that I seldom do, for a change I feel that I am on the right path, I know what I want to do with my life at the moment.

My day started very early and lucky for me that Fox drove me to Potter Street in Harlow to get the 501 to Brentwood Essex, the journey was long and full of School kids, Lucky I remembered to fully charge my Ipod, so listened to music for the whole of the Journey which took almost an Hour, I got to Brentwood in plenty of time well nearly an Hour and fifteen mins early.

The journey out to Brentwood was actually quite nice, takes in Epping, Ongar lots of countryside b roads really nice even saw lots of goats, sheep and chickens, and it was a lovely sunny morning as well makes a journey all the more worth while.

But strict conduct and dress code you had to be at the Institute 30-15 mins early for Induction and of course the Introductions for some reason I hate Introductions having to talk about your self hopes and dreams etc.

The class was a modest size of seven souls six of them being females and me the only guy haha just the same for the Reflexology only then it was ten women to one guy.

Everyone was sat in the Students lounge, all spaced apart as if it was a teenage disco guys on one side girls on the other, my bench trousers laying loosely at my bum, I smile at one girl she asks if I’m here for the IHM (Indian head massage), I smile back and answer yes great she says so am I. Then another says me too, and me yeah me as well. I count four heads; two are still to join us.

The class room is long and wide chairs sit around a large desks pressed against the wall, a projector sits above our heads, and a Air conditioner directly behind us, its cold and I mean cold air blowing on our backs well the ones directly in front of it, as the day progresses its turned on and off as and when needed, the room gets so hot with out it something to do with the business below us.

Our tutor enters the room says Ladies and of course Gentlemen I will be your teacher today you can call me Michele, she gives the spin and lets us know how much she looking forward to working and teaching us.

The lesson starts with one girl being the teachers test dummy and she shows us the first part of the IHM, Tuning in awaking the charkas crown forehead and neck then the laying on of hands and the neck stretch and shoulders and off we go.

Surprisingly the day was actually quite quick, I tended to get on well with the other students, thought no numbers or emails changed hands except for Michele who gave me her email, seems I made an impression, maybe its because I have had many years of reflexology so my technique is very good.

I did my test on Fiona, who happens to be the boss of the institute being an odd number and 4 were doing the test at the same time, after the relaxing start, I did the treatment with in 20 mins I could feel Fiona, chest lift and drop, and a soft noise coming from her lips, she was fast asleep, Michele was opened mouthed and Impressed by my handling of the boss.

Needless to say I got my Diploma, and now have to work on my NVQ in the coming next few weeks the quicker I do this the better really, thought I can charge for it but if I need people to practice on, I cant really charge anything for it unless of course they are going to give me a donation which would be nice but I’m not holding my breath since most people are tight with cash.

The next step is to get my NVQ for the Reflexology and that should be a blast since I already can do that type of treatment a lot of experience but no qualification to show for it, but that’s something I might look for a bit of help on.