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Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Indian head massage course.

I went on my Indian head massage course only a few days ago… And it did make me feel that I have archived something, that I seldom do, for a change I feel that I am on the right path, I know what I want to do with my life at the moment.

My day started very early and lucky for me that Fox drove me to Potter Street in Harlow to get the 501 to Brentwood Essex, the journey was long and full of School kids, Lucky I remembered to fully charge my Ipod, so listened to music for the whole of the Journey which took almost an Hour, I got to Brentwood in plenty of time well nearly an Hour and fifteen mins early.

The journey out to Brentwood was actually quite nice, takes in Epping, Ongar lots of countryside b roads really nice even saw lots of goats, sheep and chickens, and it was a lovely sunny morning as well makes a journey all the more worth while.

But strict conduct and dress code you had to be at the Institute 30-15 mins early for Induction and of course the Introductions for some reason I hate Introductions having to talk about your self hopes and dreams etc.

The class was a modest size of seven souls six of them being females and me the only guy haha just the same for the Reflexology only then it was ten women to one guy.

Everyone was sat in the Students lounge, all spaced apart as if it was a teenage disco guys on one side girls on the other, my bench trousers laying loosely at my bum, I smile at one girl she asks if I’m here for the IHM (Indian head massage), I smile back and answer yes great she says so am I. Then another says me too, and me yeah me as well. I count four heads; two are still to join us.

The class room is long and wide chairs sit around a large desks pressed against the wall, a projector sits above our heads, and a Air conditioner directly behind us, its cold and I mean cold air blowing on our backs well the ones directly in front of it, as the day progresses its turned on and off as and when needed, the room gets so hot with out it something to do with the business below us.

Our tutor enters the room says Ladies and of course Gentlemen I will be your teacher today you can call me Michele, she gives the spin and lets us know how much she looking forward to working and teaching us.

The lesson starts with one girl being the teachers test dummy and she shows us the first part of the IHM, Tuning in awaking the charkas crown forehead and neck then the laying on of hands and the neck stretch and shoulders and off we go.

Surprisingly the day was actually quite quick, I tended to get on well with the other students, thought no numbers or emails changed hands except for Michele who gave me her email, seems I made an impression, maybe its because I have had many years of reflexology so my technique is very good.

I did my test on Fiona, who happens to be the boss of the institute being an odd number and 4 were doing the test at the same time, after the relaxing start, I did the treatment with in 20 mins I could feel Fiona, chest lift and drop, and a soft noise coming from her lips, she was fast asleep, Michele was opened mouthed and Impressed by my handling of the boss.

Needless to say I got my Diploma, and now have to work on my NVQ in the coming next few weeks the quicker I do this the better really, thought I can charge for it but if I need people to practice on, I cant really charge anything for it unless of course they are going to give me a donation which would be nice but I’m not holding my breath since most people are tight with cash.

The next step is to get my NVQ for the Reflexology and that should be a blast since I already can do that type of treatment a lot of experience but no qualification to show for it, but that’s something I might look for a bit of help on.


  1. Well we always said you were good at that type of thing. Though when you used to do my feet it hurt :(

    It's good to know that the Adams's have found something to do :P

  2. The reason your feet hurt is because your asthmatic hon, and the amount of chemicals that been sprayed in your flat lol.