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Monday, 28 June 2010

Poor England!

What a start to a week, England dumped or humped out of the world cup, Ok I’m a Scot’s man and all that, but my family are English and did I feel for them with what happened on the field of dreams nay I tell you the field of Nightmares. Germany did not just give England a bloody nose they made England look like a bunch of Sunday armatures, I think you can say with out a shadow of doubt England was Lucky it was only 4, I felt for James he did so well, and was by far the best England player on the day even if he had let 4 goals in, it could have been much much worse.

I got to sign on this week, and was wondering if I should ask to do the seetek course again I found it helpful that last time I did it and also you get free tea and its quite social as well since more or less every one on the same boat as me, well maybe not the same boat I have got my Indian head massage course coming up in the next few weeks and I have been studying the book I got from Amazon for only £5 Including P&P which normally retails for £15 hoot!

But the reason for Seetek is they have so much facilities that I can use, and all the help that I could ever want and its all free, music to a poor mans ears if you ask me.

And for 12 weeks it keeps the DSS off my back completely which is a bonus still I have to sign on every fortnight which is no hardship but, its in and out when you tell them your doing Seetek, all part of my motives in doing what I want, and now I qualifies for £750 for the course I cannot afford sports massage, if I was working I would never had done it but circumstances dictate that I move along a different path to what I once had known, still its health but I will be my own boss fingers crossed.

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