The Crows nest!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

The wheel keeps on turning

Well its been a while since I last blogged, seems like a confession but not really since little if anyone actually reads this it defeats the object of writing it in the first place, but I suppose the reason for writing this in the first place, it’s a blog after all, and it don’t really matter if people do or do not read?

So its been nearly 2 months in the temp accommodation and we coming to an end, and so much has happened over the past month, and all of it not so good, seems death follows us even to this sacred part of the railways and budget airlines that I must admit are starting to get on my nerves, the persistent commuter trains and airplanes the noise is not such a problem but the mini earthquakes that fallow in there wake, is just down right rude, I am finding I have to watch America’s got talent 2 times just to catch what the people are saying or singing, since his lordship Zak likes a door open all the time, so he can widdle piddle and generally piss up the wall when he likes. He’s a spoiled pooch, but we love him and put up with it all.

Our long standing and much loved pussy cat Jewels passed away last week, we seen it coming but the difference in how she went was very sad, she died at home in the company of the people who loved her and looked after her, as heart breaking as it was her send of was far better than our outer pussy cat Sonic who had to be put down her body bloated and something burst inside her that took away her legs she just could not walk anymore, the vet clinical and caring the injection took effect almost instantaneous, she purred to the very last we were beside our self’s in grief, and yet when jewels passed away there was less grief and tears, I think it was because it was a natural death she passed away in her sleep, for the last day she went into such a deep sleep her little body jerking and chatting, as if she was replaying her life in a dream, till her little heart could no longer take the rigors of life and slowly with dignity she gave her last gasp and went to sleep, I was with her till the very end holding her paw caressing she soft fur, softly kissing her head as she parted for heaven and the fields of mice.

We decided to give her a Viking burial and cremated her remains so we could collect the bones and ash to bury at our new home; it was a solemn occasion just me and fox.