The Crows nest!

Friday, 27 February 2009

I hate mobile phones cause I'm a dunce!

You find a good place to write a blog or two, and you follow all the stuff from a laptop and main computer so well you feel that its so easy then you decide well I do (own my own feelings hell yeah) use a mobile phone and its a fancy no holds barred and big screen LG Viewity and even an I pod touch, and can I get ramblings of a pirate on it, like hell I do but like a hopelessly in Love newbie to all this teck no stuff I will get it in the end... fingers crossed or the phone go's out the window.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The first one

Well here I am, and don't know what to do lol, life is just like that don't you think? I wonder if anyone will read this and think ooh yeah a one blog wonder well I don't blame you but hold on a sec I do write a fair bit but all in all, my stuff is real life, My experiences are are vast how vast well how vast is the sea?

Keep watching I promise to post more blogs just you wait and see :)