The Crows nest!

Monday, 5 March 2012

The walkers tail… Let's Party!

Life is returning to normal after my drive and run around in London for my tests at UCLH, one thing I have noticed since the radioactive tests they did on me?
I been sweating a lot more than I would normally sweat, my clothing by the end of Obi’s 3rd walk, I need to change all my clothing have a bath and change in to my PJs before I even decide on what the supper will be for that night, fox says that my body is just trying to get all the toxins out of my body as quick as possible, sweating being the bodies filtering system.
I been doing my laundry more regular than I normally would usually it’s twice a week but since my tests its every second day, I hate seeing clothing build up, and it having to be cramped into the machine. The bar at the Puk Lock. As I mentioned I now have a bus pass, and I plan to take Oberon on new and interesting walks, Gibberd Garden, Chelmsford, Bishop Stortford and Sawbridgeworth, but I been told by my best mate Tom who is a bus driver extraordinaire I can use my pass on any bus, and I can even go to the sea side in Southend on sea, the Essex is my oyster.
Obi is getting older but his mind is that of a child or a cocky teenager in dog years he is 15 years old or human just over Two his birthday being in October, is becoming a handful were other dogs are concerned, he very loving to wards other dogs but some dogs he just gets so mouthy with and wants to have a fight, I been watching Mr Milan on animal Planet seeing if there is something I can try to remedy this.
I notice a fair amount he makes the dogs present there bottoms to the other dog as a sigh of passivity, the next time he gets a bit mouthy I will try that, but its not all doom and gloom.
Obi has met some new pals, a little Cairn Terrier called Sam who is only 8 months old but he very passive and lets obi take charge even thought Obi is still on a lead he was having a great time running around, I must ask the parent the next time they meet if I can take a few photos of them together.
Well I have been incorporating and taking advantage of the bridge being repaired down Church lane Sheering and walking to Matching Tye and its sister Matching Green both places a fair good walk, the green is better cause it has a nice little pub called the Intrepid Fox.
Come yee weekend, it’s a crazy sort of one, it rain’s and snows Obi for the whole of the Sunday is not dry his paws are matted with rain and mud on his pads, he don’t like it well who does I again say to fox we need to get him a rain coat, she points out it’s the paws that get most of it and takes hours for him to dry off, he darts from settee to settee trying to get comfortable his wet legs are an annoyance for him I say maybe we could get him waterproof booties?
Jumping back a day to Saturday I’m excited I have been invited to my brothers Mick 50th Birthday party held at a Chinese Restaurant called the Puk Lock, in Bushfair.
The guy in the picture was aggressive don't know who he is but he thought I was taking a picture of him, when in fact he actually walked in the frame as I was taking the photo. Oops sorry!
I was sitting with Mum, Tom, Glen, Keath, Nicky, Stacey, Mark then Me. It was quite a turn out for Mick a lot of people love this gentle man, I had to do something special for him, Mick and Trish have been so good to me over the years with my health and there there’s the clothing Mick has given me, real top quality threads which I am still wearing.
So I made a plan that I would make him and Trish some Chelsea cupcakes well in the blue of the club at least, I am no where ready to do artwork of painting motifs, and he liked the banana cupcake I made for Trish’s Birthday the weekend before.
So thought I would do the same again cake wise but just add the blue and then at the last moment me and fox added some white chocolate knowing Mick likes chocolate.
It’s very hearting to do this I might have no money, but I can still do something for the people I care about, I just hope none of my family ever get sick of cakes or go on some crazy diet lol.
Towards the end Mick made his way around everyone thanking them for attending, I gave him a big hug even kissed his cheek, after all he is my big brother, nice to have someone older than me, whom I respect above all, and hope the next 50 years are a good one.