The Crows nest!

Monday, 6 December 2010

The wonder drug!

I cant believe we are the end of another year and on the run up to 2011 and a hopeful new year full of umm the same as usual life being all grown up is boring the only things I have to look forward to is having my dog run rings around me and a really uneventful time of it, I will be starting the new year with a trip to the hospital for a heart operation possibly open heart defiantly stints attached to my failing old ticker.

The joy of it all yeah I have only got myself to blame its one thing to blame others and a manufacturer of making me ill, ok if you’re an American you can sue usually with a degree of success the cause of the and price of the treatments that you need to keep going, I found out that my heart op would have cost me in excess of £15.000 and that’s only for the stints being put in, I did not look at the cost of open heart surgery still it would have been in 5 figures but a 2 maybe 3 to start it and put together we talking a big fucking 5 at the start of the sum.

So I have decided to face my problem head on and do something that makes my transition into hospital a lot better and give up smoking not hiding it anymore and facing the cold turkey head on, I went to my doctor and he put me in contact with the stop smoking nurse who is called Jenny nice woman, very open and none judge mental I hate judgemental people so much so it was nice to actually talk to someone for a change, I was expecting patches or gum something like that what I did not expect was a tablet to take in the mornings and evenings its called Champix Varenicline a stop smoking table for the first week I did not feel that much to it but It has cut me down quite a bit, but I did not understand why sometimes the need to smoke is just not there unless I feel stressed at things going on in my life, then yesterday I FOUND OUT why it works, well I had a day out going to Harlow do a bit of shopping get dressed up and have a bit of space away from Obi for a few hours since I tend to spend so much time with him.

It was not until I was going to get the bus back to Sheering that for some strange reason I started to feel quite sick to the extent that I thought I was, I moved out of the bus shelter and walked a little, after about 10 I felt ok again, there was not a lot going on just some people standing around smoking and talking, I went back to the bus stop with in a few moments I was feeling sick again, then it dawned on me that even being near someone that smokes is enough to set me off, by the time I reckoned that my bus had came and left a few moments prior which meant I had to wait another hour to the next.

Feeling quite cold it was after all –3C and the snow was all over the place but the graters had done there work the day before, so thought why don’t I treat myself and have chips and beans at Jenny’s café in the bus station, duly sat down ordered my food and tea, and waited played around with the Iphone for a bit till my order came and I tucked in almost wolfing down the warm food and slurping on the steaming hot tea, which was a god send on a day like this.

Some one ordered toast, I could smell it burning, the smoke hit my nostrils and my tummy started to do the Lambda and that same sick feeling returned to me with a vengeance, I had only ate half my chips and beans but finished my tea, in a short space of time I had to get up and pay and just leave, back into the freezing cold of the bus station.

I only had a short wait, after walking around the charity shops and god are the charity shops suffering most if not all the stuff I saw was not worth a penny that was asked for them, Ok I know Harlow is not as rich as Brighton but for god sakes its bad when Oxfam is selling second hand Primark clothing!

I feel sick still when I am near anyone that smokes even the breath of a smoker can set me off, I hope that after the course of 10 weeks now is over I can finally say I am a none smoker.

Its so frigging cold now it’s been two weeks and in that time we have had freezing torrential rain, snow, hail and bloody cold fog, even today after my last visit to the Practice its totally covered with fog, taking Obi out yes he loves it but I do not, its too cold on my chest something has to give, and in a way I am grateful to my little sister she coming today to spend a few days with me, so she can take Obi out for a run over the fields since she likes to Jog.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

coincidence or what?

I woke up extra early this morning bursting for a pee, but could not get back to sleep, maybe its because of last nights gorging on half a packet of rowntrees tooty fruity's sugar and syrup sweets that kept me from going back to the land of nod?

Needless to say I was well awake before Fox raised her head before her alarm, even offered to make her tea in bed, with a resounding no, that’s for the weekend, and a polite go back to sleep, but I just couldn’t my mind by now is too active and I was pondering the big bang from last nights telly program on how the universe works, and then I turn on the computer and start up Mozilla fire fox and fine out that the LHC has created a mini big bang, coincidence or what?

In the begging was the word and the word was KaBooom!

There is a discrepancy in the test at the LHC they said they used lead Ions which is lead atoms stripped of electrons, well when the big bang actually happened it was from nothing that something came out, or Chaos theory and from that order.

On the other hand maybe god had his own large Hadron Collider? Now the LHC is quite deep under ground they say over 100 metres and it’s 16.7 miles long.

Now what they are not saying is can it generate a black hole, I mean the big bang quite a feet in its self, knowing that the universe is expanding at a speed faster than light yeah faster than light, I know what your learned in Physics and that we can’t go faster than light but the BB did just that not only at speeds that would give you the willies but so hot you would be vaporised and atomised before you could even think: SHIT ON ME!

I’m all for understanding but at what cost? Our own knowledge and understanding of what is going on around us can lead to our own demise, as we reach to knowledge that once was the understanding of the few, we are now in a age where with a little understanding we can ourselves fathom out what makes the Universe tick.

Remember no less than 70 odd years ago, humans started to tamper with the Atom and look what happened, we were on the brink of destruction and the little knowledge we had we used that atom to rain destruction on our own fellow man, woman and child.

My only worry with the LHC is what will be the next Dead man’s deterrent; to come from the little understanding we have of the big bang?

Enrico Fermi, I wonder if he ever regretted his invention being used to kill all those people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Did he ever lose sleep over it, did his Nobel prize sit right on his mantle shelf? Funny that one Nobel is known for the making and using of Dynamite, only fitting that the father of the nuclear bomb gets one too, I wonder if the Inventor and builders of the LHC will get the same treatment too?

Seems I’m going on a bit about the Big bang and all the technology that is used to prove or disprove it, but might I add that everything they have said so far, is not unknown and that thinkers have came up with the same explanations long before the LHC was but a pipe dream, one only needs to read the Book by Dion Fortune’s the Cosmic Doctrine to see it all in type, and that only costs a few quid, unlike the LHC so far the princely sum of 2.6bn ok less than what we all bailed out the banks but fuck me that’s a lot of money just to watch a few Lead Ions bang into each other!

Can’t it be done on a home computer much less expensive and you can also have twitter and facebook to boot, lets face it a computer can do just about anything these days.

There’s an old saying give a man a rope and he possibly hang himself with it, but give a man a big dirty club and he possibly beat the living shit out of someone else and hang them with the rope.

Humans by nature are animals ok we smart animals like a smart bomb don’t they go wrong from time to time instead of landing on Saddams bunker but mistake it for a school full of kids?

Behind every great advancement there is a few odd balls hanging around rubbing there hands in Glee just thinking of the implications of the new prototype weapon, with words of this will put the shit’s up the taliban or some unfortunate country who’s not in favour at the time so watch out all you axis of evil places and dudes, the LHC coming to get you.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Help for Heroes and the Psychic fair.

Well I’m a bit more regular… with the Blog, yeah I know what you’re thinking I’m psychic after all lol well in a way I attended a Psychic sort of come Healing festival in aid of the Help the Heroes campaign.

My darling little sister Nat is part of a Psychic circle in Harlow Essex and they hold regular meetings and once a year they do a charity do this year it was help our boys and girls in distant lands.

I will always rise to the challenge and help out in what way I can, this time I was planning on doing Reflexology, I talked to Jan who seems to be the one in charge of the campaign and is a well known friend of Nat, I talked to her on the phone only 2 times once when I was in the hospital getting ready for my op and a couple of days later she said I could use a couch when I got there, great I thought until I saw the said couch exit stage left and had to end up doing Indian head massage which was great I collected £20 for Help the Heroes, and did fore people two men two women.

I collected a chair and wrote up my Indian head massage and how much it cost £5 a time, and next to me was Sylvie doing Reiki, at the same price only she had a really nice poster done with the help the heroes logo and stuff, I felt a bit embarrassed, that I was so un prepared for this, yeah I was not that long out of hospital (4 days) and I do have a lot on my mind concerning my health, but I was tempted to put a £5 into Sylvie’s box where we kept all the money from our treatments in and have some Reiki myself I could see silver sparks coming from her fingers which was a bit of a wow moment for me, as well as the Ocean as she swept over her clients.

Being with her and watching her I can see one day she will make a great Reiki mistress, I only hope I know her well by then, I am sure she will do wonders for my old failing heart.

It amazes me the amount of sadness that surrounds such a place when there is a psychic festival going on, loved one eager to contact and communicate with lost loved ones, my first client a woman who’s skin was lovely to touch taut and youthful and yet she said I’m not bad for a pensioner! I was a bit flabbergasted just goes to show you what you can do if you put your mind to it, but god did her shoulders feels strained I could sense lots of pain but more emotional and spiritual rather than physical.

I asked her did she have a reading, her reply was no there was no one available to do a reading for her, my heart went out to her, and wished that the spirits would come in the assembly hall later on.

After my 4th demonstration of Indian head massage, I felt that I had done enough and started to walk around looking at the stalls half expecting the usual over priced tacky trinkets and assorted cards and things but I was presently surprised, yes there was the usual tacky stuff but it was not over priced, some oil paintings were only £5 which if that was Brighton you would have put a 0 after the 5 yes they can be that cheeky sometimes.

I am always amazed at the amount of dead crystals that adore some of the stalls, a quick sweep of the hand over the crystals will soon tell you what is living and what is dead, if they sit polished and shiny chances are they are by there sell by date, but if its shiny but are still attached to the rock they were ripped from, you will get a small charge like a static needle in your palm.

I always been a kind of middle of the road type of guy, I’m usually found in the middle of things and tonight was no exception after the healing and massage was finally over the buffet was started and not a single thing could I eat, Nat took me to the local chip shop which was a short walk from the hall, walking back chatting about how good it all is and munching chips I forgot to get a can of coke I just about had enough of diluted orange juice still it was keeping my blood sugar under control for a change lol, but must admit the tea was brilliant so had several cups of rosy lee to wet my whistle.

During the main event 4 mediums two men two women, yeah like my treatments they were called collectively as the Ambassadors of Spirit not sure of there names although they did introduce themselves to one and all each medium took it in turns to address the audience, my only grip were there is a few but the main one was I felt they spent a little too long with one person, max 15 mins, it should have been shorter so more people can get a message but as in all things it never works out that way, I noticed that people from Nat’s circle did get readings which is great and must be of a good comfort for them all.

But I would think that most of the people in the hall did not attend circles that much or have any psychic background, and had come in the off chance that they would some how be lucky and that spirit was close to them, but more or less if someone belongs to a circle then spirit will normally be drawn to that group of people and it showed, I sat ether side of people who got massages at one point I felt as if I did a massive Psychic fart and chased all the spirits way, not that I am too bothered by this, I just felt that there was people who were there and were desperate for some sort of comfort and contact be it only a little, it was not forthcoming which was such a shame really.

Although some did get reading and the medium did seem to be accurate and on the point, there was many laughs along the way as each medium took to the stage for the second time, all to soon it was over and a prayer and song was given out to the world of spirit, and the raffle would then take place, now I never win a raffle like I said I get numbers from above or below and tonight was no exception I was one number 0ut from above and one number out below just in the middle again!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Well Halloween is upon us again, another chance to scare the kids senseless, not that I would nor would I, to me its more than just a night of dressing up, it’s the time we welcome our ancestors back to our home and make plans for the coming winter months, our summer clothing well now locked away and they are replaces with warm winter woollies, gortex and Wellington boots.

I made a remark to Fox this morning about Oberon aka Obi, that he is not a city dog or even town dog but a country bumpkin of a lad, several times this week I have had to clean his paws with my bare fingers cause of all the mud from the fields he picks up, going over the Oak flooring of our front room you could hear the click clack of his paws some stones have got tangled in his winter coat.

My brother Glen was going to a party last night on the 30th and dressed up as the grim reaper, and he looks total brilliant as death even Obi got into a picture and he did look either demonic or scared you decide.
What do you think scared or demonic?

I had to reflect on Glen’s attire and my own plight, which is plaguing me almost every waking moment… On Tuesday I am going into hospital for an angiogram/angioplastie, and seeing my brother dressed as death makes me think, will I be seeing his likeness in a day or two, knowing that the Second of November is the Mexican day of the dead, in a way fills me with dread.

Having knowledge of other cultures is always good but on the flip side can have a dire effect as well, I been getting the you could have gone to the Rivers hospital which has such a good reputation I found out from Fox but my doctor did not tell me this or even let me know that as a patient I have rights to say where I want to be done and by whom.

I used to work at PAH (Princess Alexander Hospital) and never liked it or the staff, always short staffed and at times was very dirty, the cleaners never to be found or were on a tea break for which there was many, that’s what happens when you least out cleaning to private contractors.

I’m not saying that this will be my last Blog, I so bloody hope not, I have things I still want to do like learn to finally drive by my self, instead of having to relight upon Fox for getting around and finally being able to take Oberon to the forest near by.

If I have to stay in the hospital, I will still at least try to blog or even keep my facebook up to date, my phone is so good with facebook and twitter its fun being able to do all that stuff on the go, makes a big change from having to have a computer or laptop close by all the time.

So its tomorrow since its Monday now that I go and have the op, and yeah I got to shave, I look more like a hippy down stairs these days lol, its true when they say I have more hair on me ball’s than me head haha.

Oh shut up you rambling ol Pirate (chuckles) I have even renamed the tavern at the back of the garden its now called the Crow’s nest! I have finally got the internet to work all the way up there so my blog when I feel fit enough will be done from there, and I plan to have a web cam going so you can join me on Stickham or Skype you lucky lot.

Tara for now my friends and hearties.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Village Gossip, and tragedy on the Street

Yeah I know its been a while since I last blogged but to be truthful there is a lot going on at the moment and I like to let things build up a little and also been suffering a little bit of writers block as well, which has been on going since well ever!

The Village Gossip, and tragedy on the Street.

On the 7th of October at 7:15am a tragic accident happened outside the post office a bus driver got knocked down and killed by a passing car a Ford Focus travailing towards Harlow.

At the time I was having my morning cup of tea with Fox and Oberon laying between us having his belly rubbed, we were just having Idle chat I heard a thump, thinking to myself that it sounded like a car crash but there was no screeching tires or any thing like that, little did we know that it was the sound of impact on the bus driver we just witnessed with our ears.

It was not until Fox was leaving for work that it was fully understood what had happened, well sort of, Fox for some reason thought that it was a motorbike accident, and turned in the other direction and headed towards Hatfield heath to get to work, since the road had been blocked in both directions, she said that an ambulance was already there tending to the Injured.

Still I got dressed and went outside to find out what actually happened, only to see the Ambulance pull away with out its lights on which is never a good sign, I bump in to Linda from Brunch and all the shop owners standing talking looks of shock and horror on there faces, there must be at least 20 or so Police men walking up and down an area of say 100ft of the road a truck and bus are parked just opposite the post office.

The driver of the car was in deep shock, there was noting he could do he kept repeating, what happened was the bus driver was at the back of his bus and walked right on to the road in front of the car which was not able to put on his breaks, it happened so fast as Linda put it, the car was upon him and he was only going 30mph.

As the ambulance got him to PAH in Harlow, he was transferred to the Royal London with massive head injures, he died early Friday morning.

As the week progressed flowers have been laid at the spot where he was killed, his family visited the site on Tuesday they had come over from Poland, what a tragic way to come all that way to a place of death.

Thankfully its not all doom and gloom, in fact the farmer has been busy tending and collecting all his crops over the fields some strange and wonderful machines have been hard at work.

And even the odd hic up as well as one in particular is very temperamental and likes nothing more than getting jammed with all sorts of fallen branches and rocks.

I just wish I had known the name of the tractors that he uses, working on the turnip field the whole family was in force mum dad son and grandson all landing a hand with collecting the season’s bounty.

I got some video and still with my new Phone a blackberry curve 9300, my first every all bells and whistles phone, never had one before and Fox after a week said she was going to throw it out if I did not stop fiddling with it but I can get my Email from it and surf the net and do twitter and facebook and make themes on it as well now, I just cant stop it its like a love affair no doubt I get tired of it in the coming next two weeks I think.

I say I think you never know I rush to read Email first thing in the morning instead of looking on my big computer lol, seems I am still a little smitten by it.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

to Mountfitchet castle and Norman village

Ever been to Mountfitchet castle and Norman village from 1066? Well if not read on its actually quite a nice day out and if your in this area of Essex a great day out for the kids, grandkids, and kids of all ages.

The roar of the Honda Rebel as Tommy Two wheels, and he gingerly turns into our car port, my bike is still of the road or we be on our bikes heading of into the sun set, Instead we take the Treader our faithful Suky wagon R.

Before we head off for our destination, Tom has to make a quick visit to the post office for his tax disk for the rebel, but in no time he’s back and we off to Bishop Stortford taking the back roads to the Castle, for some strange reason we get lost and end up at Arthur Findley college which is the Psychic place interesting we be going there in the not too distant future.

We arrive the whole place sits on a hill, its quite a sight to look at totally made of wood and stone.

But before we vesture into the compound we visit the toy museum and haunted manor.

Talk about a long walk up, its very steep, pity there was not a little more in development, for wheel chairs or people with weak legs its not a place to visit although there is some seating the way up, which when its busy must be used quite often by the less mobile.

Dotted along the path are Dinosaur’s of various shapes and sizes not to scale mind you if there were they need an area 4-5times the size.

It even had a cave woman who for her age looked rather well and had really good hair for a cave woman I expected matted and flea ridden but then cave men and women must have been as clean as us chuckles.

Even old T Rex was kept in a cage missing his torso poor wee thing.

We went on the Haunted Manor first before a walk around the toys, now compared to Madame Tussauds, it was a blessed relief which I found totally stupid people dressed up and not convincing, but the Haunted Manor.

Did not have people dressed up it was all-electronic and sound and motion activated, and it only cost a pound.

And you get to use a little lantern that needs manual wind up the light did not last long till your plunged into darkness,

Which was good not to scary, I recommend this to anyone that has small kids its fun and we all like to hear excited screams don’t we mums and dads?

I cant recommend this attraction enough really my only moan would be it did not last long enough but I suppose where kids are concerned, it might be too long lol.

The toy museum is touted as the largest in the world and I would not disagree in fact, so much of the stuff I remember from my own child hood action man, UFO, captain Scarlett etc the list goes on and on, even some military hardware, bren guns, hats which yes you guessed it you could try on, I have always wanted a German one for my bike, god I would so love to get my paws on one of these.

Even Tom wants one now, and who could blame him if he gets one before me, I’ll rob him.

Personally I think I look better in one Tom see pmsl (hint hint)
I just love toys any toys as long as its for boys, if I was locked in that place for a weekend, I would never get bored and I mean that.

Bliss total bliss, I have not had that much fun since my captain scarlet days.

Now a tip to save you at least £30 depending on how many kids your taking, the haunted manor has a flyer which you can get from the desk it give you £1 reduction for a party of four so make sure you grab one before you pay, and the café is quite expensive thought the stuff is quite good, but its pricey so get some cling film, bottles of water and juice and take a bloody picnic its so worth it, and there is plenty of places to sit down and have a nice cheep lunch, thought you will have to watch out for the local Mafia.

Namely the animals that roam and I mean roam around all over the Norman village, deer, sheep, goats, velosoraptors (be good kids) Chickens and the aggressive turkeys (I was robbed I tell ya)

You can buy a bag of food for the animals it’s encouraged that you do, its balanced and keeps them healthy and believe me they are healthy and fat on the handouts they get from everyone.

I was surprised to see a ducking pond, it had a few animals with in its enclosure the deer as so friendly, thought it was not always so, most if not all the animals have had quite a rotten life before they came to grace the village, Kudo’s to them its nice to see happy animals doing there thing free of pain and suffering no wonder why I love chickens even if they peck you to death.

The village is large by Norman standards you can almost feel the history oozing from this place I love it and I would go back at the drop of a hat or German one if I can get my mitts on one.

The attraction costs £9 for adults Children £7 but if you take a picnic like I said you be quid’s in and you need money to spend in the shop which by standards of other shops is really good and they even sell weapons hats and other stuff thought pricey but they look so good have a look when you go as you go in the entrance of the place, they even buy old games from you too, which has had me rummaging in my attic looking for old gems.

Go it’s worth it, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed nor your kids, in a word FUN.