The Crows nest!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Well Halloween is upon us again, another chance to scare the kids senseless, not that I would nor would I, to me its more than just a night of dressing up, it’s the time we welcome our ancestors back to our home and make plans for the coming winter months, our summer clothing well now locked away and they are replaces with warm winter woollies, gortex and Wellington boots.

I made a remark to Fox this morning about Oberon aka Obi, that he is not a city dog or even town dog but a country bumpkin of a lad, several times this week I have had to clean his paws with my bare fingers cause of all the mud from the fields he picks up, going over the Oak flooring of our front room you could hear the click clack of his paws some stones have got tangled in his winter coat.

My brother Glen was going to a party last night on the 30th and dressed up as the grim reaper, and he looks total brilliant as death even Obi got into a picture and he did look either demonic or scared you decide.
What do you think scared or demonic?

I had to reflect on Glen’s attire and my own plight, which is plaguing me almost every waking moment… On Tuesday I am going into hospital for an angiogram/angioplastie, and seeing my brother dressed as death makes me think, will I be seeing his likeness in a day or two, knowing that the Second of November is the Mexican day of the dead, in a way fills me with dread.

Having knowledge of other cultures is always good but on the flip side can have a dire effect as well, I been getting the you could have gone to the Rivers hospital which has such a good reputation I found out from Fox but my doctor did not tell me this or even let me know that as a patient I have rights to say where I want to be done and by whom.

I used to work at PAH (Princess Alexander Hospital) and never liked it or the staff, always short staffed and at times was very dirty, the cleaners never to be found or were on a tea break for which there was many, that’s what happens when you least out cleaning to private contractors.

I’m not saying that this will be my last Blog, I so bloody hope not, I have things I still want to do like learn to finally drive by my self, instead of having to relight upon Fox for getting around and finally being able to take Oberon to the forest near by.

If I have to stay in the hospital, I will still at least try to blog or even keep my facebook up to date, my phone is so good with facebook and twitter its fun being able to do all that stuff on the go, makes a big change from having to have a computer or laptop close by all the time.

So its tomorrow since its Monday now that I go and have the op, and yeah I got to shave, I look more like a hippy down stairs these days lol, its true when they say I have more hair on me ball’s than me head haha.

Oh shut up you rambling ol Pirate (chuckles) I have even renamed the tavern at the back of the garden its now called the Crow’s nest! I have finally got the internet to work all the way up there so my blog when I feel fit enough will be done from there, and I plan to have a web cam going so you can join me on Stickham or Skype you lucky lot.

Tara for now my friends and hearties.


  1. NHS won't let you use your mobile. Too bad we won't be in the same hospital. We could have wheelchair races or something. Keep me posted as to what you're doing.

  2. A will hen, and you can get a reception at a hospital but you got to hang out the window lol, If I can get to london might come and pay you a visit at your bed side lol, take care hen ya hear xxx