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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

coincidence or what?

I woke up extra early this morning bursting for a pee, but could not get back to sleep, maybe its because of last nights gorging on half a packet of rowntrees tooty fruity's sugar and syrup sweets that kept me from going back to the land of nod?

Needless to say I was well awake before Fox raised her head before her alarm, even offered to make her tea in bed, with a resounding no, that’s for the weekend, and a polite go back to sleep, but I just couldn’t my mind by now is too active and I was pondering the big bang from last nights telly program on how the universe works, and then I turn on the computer and start up Mozilla fire fox and fine out that the LHC has created a mini big bang, coincidence or what?

In the begging was the word and the word was KaBooom!

There is a discrepancy in the test at the LHC they said they used lead Ions which is lead atoms stripped of electrons, well when the big bang actually happened it was from nothing that something came out, or Chaos theory and from that order.

On the other hand maybe god had his own large Hadron Collider? Now the LHC is quite deep under ground they say over 100 metres and it’s 16.7 miles long.

Now what they are not saying is can it generate a black hole, I mean the big bang quite a feet in its self, knowing that the universe is expanding at a speed faster than light yeah faster than light, I know what your learned in Physics and that we can’t go faster than light but the BB did just that not only at speeds that would give you the willies but so hot you would be vaporised and atomised before you could even think: SHIT ON ME!

I’m all for understanding but at what cost? Our own knowledge and understanding of what is going on around us can lead to our own demise, as we reach to knowledge that once was the understanding of the few, we are now in a age where with a little understanding we can ourselves fathom out what makes the Universe tick.

Remember no less than 70 odd years ago, humans started to tamper with the Atom and look what happened, we were on the brink of destruction and the little knowledge we had we used that atom to rain destruction on our own fellow man, woman and child.

My only worry with the LHC is what will be the next Dead man’s deterrent; to come from the little understanding we have of the big bang?

Enrico Fermi, I wonder if he ever regretted his invention being used to kill all those people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Did he ever lose sleep over it, did his Nobel prize sit right on his mantle shelf? Funny that one Nobel is known for the making and using of Dynamite, only fitting that the father of the nuclear bomb gets one too, I wonder if the Inventor and builders of the LHC will get the same treatment too?

Seems I’m going on a bit about the Big bang and all the technology that is used to prove or disprove it, but might I add that everything they have said so far, is not unknown and that thinkers have came up with the same explanations long before the LHC was but a pipe dream, one only needs to read the Book by Dion Fortune’s the Cosmic Doctrine to see it all in type, and that only costs a few quid, unlike the LHC so far the princely sum of 2.6bn ok less than what we all bailed out the banks but fuck me that’s a lot of money just to watch a few Lead Ions bang into each other!

Can’t it be done on a home computer much less expensive and you can also have twitter and facebook to boot, lets face it a computer can do just about anything these days.

There’s an old saying give a man a rope and he possibly hang himself with it, but give a man a big dirty club and he possibly beat the living shit out of someone else and hang them with the rope.

Humans by nature are animals ok we smart animals like a smart bomb don’t they go wrong from time to time instead of landing on Saddams bunker but mistake it for a school full of kids?

Behind every great advancement there is a few odd balls hanging around rubbing there hands in Glee just thinking of the implications of the new prototype weapon, with words of this will put the shit’s up the taliban or some unfortunate country who’s not in favour at the time so watch out all you axis of evil places and dudes, the LHC coming to get you.

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