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Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Village Gossip, and tragedy on the Street

Yeah I know its been a while since I last blogged but to be truthful there is a lot going on at the moment and I like to let things build up a little and also been suffering a little bit of writers block as well, which has been on going since well ever!

The Village Gossip, and tragedy on the Street.

On the 7th of October at 7:15am a tragic accident happened outside the post office a bus driver got knocked down and killed by a passing car a Ford Focus travailing towards Harlow.

At the time I was having my morning cup of tea with Fox and Oberon laying between us having his belly rubbed, we were just having Idle chat I heard a thump, thinking to myself that it sounded like a car crash but there was no screeching tires or any thing like that, little did we know that it was the sound of impact on the bus driver we just witnessed with our ears.

It was not until Fox was leaving for work that it was fully understood what had happened, well sort of, Fox for some reason thought that it was a motorbike accident, and turned in the other direction and headed towards Hatfield heath to get to work, since the road had been blocked in both directions, she said that an ambulance was already there tending to the Injured.

Still I got dressed and went outside to find out what actually happened, only to see the Ambulance pull away with out its lights on which is never a good sign, I bump in to Linda from Brunch and all the shop owners standing talking looks of shock and horror on there faces, there must be at least 20 or so Police men walking up and down an area of say 100ft of the road a truck and bus are parked just opposite the post office.

The driver of the car was in deep shock, there was noting he could do he kept repeating, what happened was the bus driver was at the back of his bus and walked right on to the road in front of the car which was not able to put on his breaks, it happened so fast as Linda put it, the car was upon him and he was only going 30mph.

As the ambulance got him to PAH in Harlow, he was transferred to the Royal London with massive head injures, he died early Friday morning.

As the week progressed flowers have been laid at the spot where he was killed, his family visited the site on Tuesday they had come over from Poland, what a tragic way to come all that way to a place of death.

Thankfully its not all doom and gloom, in fact the farmer has been busy tending and collecting all his crops over the fields some strange and wonderful machines have been hard at work.

And even the odd hic up as well as one in particular is very temperamental and likes nothing more than getting jammed with all sorts of fallen branches and rocks.

I just wish I had known the name of the tractors that he uses, working on the turnip field the whole family was in force mum dad son and grandson all landing a hand with collecting the season’s bounty.

I got some video and still with my new Phone a blackberry curve 9300, my first every all bells and whistles phone, never had one before and Fox after a week said she was going to throw it out if I did not stop fiddling with it but I can get my Email from it and surf the net and do twitter and facebook and make themes on it as well now, I just cant stop it its like a love affair no doubt I get tired of it in the coming next two weeks I think.

I say I think you never know I rush to read Email first thing in the morning instead of looking on my big computer lol, seems I am still a little smitten by it.