The Crows nest!

Monday, 30 January 2012

The Surveyor’s visit.

We got our property just over 2 and a half years ago, from the onset we have noticed that all is not well, even thought the survey report looked good for the age of the property its self, but we had our doubts, but we went by what the report said, and accepted his findings.
Two years down the line, the property has massive cracks where extensions were undertaken, namely the front room has a flat roof, a conservatory that has problems keeping its plastic roof on, when there are high winds, thank god, I was able to fix that little problem, but the cracks are something else all together.
Fox is understandably worried about what might come of it, as I have repeated over the course of a year, that if it was a big problem the survey report would have pointed this out, there was some damage like two of the windows would need replacing at some time namely the bathroom and side window.
Well as things would have it the only problem with the house is a bit of damp that the surveyor thinks is due to a pin hole in one of the pipes under the oak flooring thank god I still have extra planks in the tool shed. So after months of worry well fox worried more than me, but still knowing what it is-is better than not knowing what is wrong with the place, the cracks can be repaired with some Evo-Stick epoxy glue you can get from any local DIY store.
My video of the UFO has created a bit if a stir, it’s slowly becoming viewed by people all over the world, thought not much in comments but I am getting a fair amount on the forums I belong, in case you have not seen it here it is. I still have no idea what it is but I am keeping my eyes to the sky ever since, I have even decided that I will carry my tripod around with me, its only a small light one but will keep the camera steady as I film it, one of my grips about anything unusual is the dreaded camera shake that you seem to always get with UFOs and such like.
It’s Monday afternoon and I been pushing my blog around the forums and on yahoo news which let you comment on the current stories, the things I do to get recognized in the world lol.
I been doing the garden over the weekend and I’m even doing the raking today as well, Fox plans to get as much seeds as possible at the weekend, potatoes, onions, strawberry, and I have to re-pot my blueberry tree, its becoming pot bound, and I plan to use the berries in my muffins, I made a few batches of them and they were so good, a good addition to breakfast.
I am reading a book called Abduction by Ann Andrews I have just read 3 chapters of it, its very convincing you can almost feel for the family and all they have had done to them over the years, I will keep my mouth shut and write a review when I have finished the book its that good.
Well Wednesday has crept up on me; I don’t know where Tuesday went at all? I have noticed that Obi has a sneaky way of getting his chops around cake, during my last bake I made 14 small cup cakes or Fairy cakes between me, fox and Obi we polished off 11 of them, and we left 3 for the birds in the garden, but Obi had other Idea’s and when he went for his night time pee he would sneak up to the bird table and help himself to one, dashing of to the back of the garden to eat his ill got ton gains.
I was tweeting with a friend of mine Richard Lennie who is a night time investigator he watches the skies with proper night vision, he sent me a video link, which actually mad me remember I had seen something like it in my past, and I recall it so well now. There is not much to it I was sitting on the floor no more than 10 years old watching the Professionals on telly my mum and granddad were watching it with me, for some reason I looked at the side window of our flat and saw for a brief moment a small maybe the size of a tennis ball red glob fly by the window.
But in stead of getting up to have a look, I just turned and watched the telly program, I did not even say to my family what I just saw, but when I went out to play football later on, some of my friends saw it as well, namely Gerry Fisher who was one of my best pals.
Thinking of my past now I remember when I was around 7 years old and I used to hang around with a small group of guys who were to put it bluntly hoodlums I suppose I was one also, though we never did the things that modern day hoods do, we never stabbed or stole from the poor we were quite respectful of our elders but we did on a number of occasions sneak into Hedrey’s ginger bottle factory and nick the bottles of juice.
I think they were for export cause you never found them in the shops or Ice cream vans, as I look for all the places I once had roamed or went to are no more, lost in history and memory. It leaves me feeling kind of sad, and points to the simple fact I am getting older, and some times wiser.
Golly its Thursday and I was thinking it was Friday I put a Euromillions ticket on from a win on a scratch card of £5 and I got a few letters this morning which has lowed my mood a little, the one from the bus company or council for free bus passes, seems I even need a doctors letter if I want a companion, I just crossed the box and with a £1 I got a envelope and stamp and sent it back with the companion part X lets hope they give me it, not feeling so confident now.
I also got my sick certificate back from the DWP, I’m so pissed at this so not only don’t I have a job, I don’t get help from the government in any way, it feels so wrong I have went to battle for this country I watched after the ill and dieing, and now when I need the help its sadly lacking, I really give up I really do.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Some days are better than others.

For the past week I been waking up pain free and happy to go on long walks with Obi, but this morning was the first time in over a week, I felt like someone had jumped up and down on my leg and hip, it takes a fair amount of time to get moving, lucky Obi just wants to cuddle up this morning its been raining, even he don’t like the rain must be all that hair on my hippy dog.
Even thought I pay very little or no attention to the news, but one cannot escape the films, Photo’s and commentary of the doomed passenger ship Costa Concordia, some people likened it to the Titanic.
Well there is a few flaws with that assumption, the Titanic a lot more died and the captain went down with his ship, the Captain of the CC buggered off with his first mate and other officers, there is a word for that its called COWARD! The moment Captain Edward John Smith knew the Titanic was doomed his words were Woman and Children first, accepting his fate and going down with the Titanic.
To make the assumption that the CC was in any way like the Titanic is wrong it gives the false idea that the captain was a man of honour, he is nothing less than a COWARD and has brought disgrace to himself and his family.
I just got my application for a bus pass today from my doctor, this will open up so much for me knowing that I might have no money but I will be able to get around a lot more than just having to sit in the house all the time and I can take Obi with me so looking forward to this coming now, and a special thanks to a tireless working in the family Tom has been a complete star helping me so much, thank you so much.
I kind of like doing book reviews, I have a book coming very soon a cheap one for no less than £4 second hand from Amazon and it’s a hard back book as well I love hardback it feels more posh than paper back, the book in question is; Abducted: The true story of Alien Abduction in Rural England.
I got the conformation email this morning so all goes well it will come tomorrow or the day after, and maybe next week I will do a review of it,, I have seen some video's of the woman on YouTube and must admit I am quite looking forward to it, I do like witness testimony being a people watcher I can usually tell if they are telling fibs, though some of the video is rather dark but still I believe her all the same.
I still plan on going on a cupcake course sometime in the new year, but just waiting for a few things like dates hopefully a weekend and of course Money, but I foresee that might be a still a long term plan even after the summer or beginning of Autumn.
But all is not um lost, I plan to go to one of the shows in Cambridge at the Mumford Theatre on 29th of May, the ticket might only cost a £10 but I can get a bus all the way there and back
(depending on if I get my bus pass?) I am looking forward to meeting Richard D Hall for the first time, he is one man who knows what it’s all about, the lies of government, disclosure, false flag terror and of course UFOs. So if your free on May 29th come and join me for a great day out.
Well its Thursday and Fox will be home soon, and the start of our weekend, we are very short on cash, I have a drawer full of old phones I plan to take to carphone ware house and see if I can get some money for them, its been one of those months when a lot of bills come out. Something strange happened on the 19th of January 2012 at 5:35pm walking my dog I saw a very bright Orange Light in the sky I used my video and narrated it rather well, the video is above what do you think it is? There might be inflation every where, and prices going up for shopping but wages or the earnings of Joe Public is as bad as ever, why is it the fault of people just living life that have to suffer for the actions of others, that is what its all about you know.
I have been trying to expand the range of my scanner a GRE PSR-295 Scanner for some time now, I have been looking at getting my hands on some website that shows you how to make a decent Die Pole for as little as possible, but so far I have had little luck
I keep meaning to join a radio ham group for some time but its one of those things I keep putting off, in some ways I just cant be arsed starting up friendships, or going thought the dilemma of trying to get on with people all over again.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The walkers tail 4

I and Obi are getting around as each week goes by we are finding new places to explore in our little bit of the Essex countryside, one day if this nice weather keeps up I plan to walk to Sawbridgeworth which is if you go by the tracks and down back lane is only around 4miles distant.
I keep forgetting you can use the Google maps to get all the field access routes, so sometime this week I will actually plan the course, and with the spring just around the corner I plan to take my boy to Gibbards Gardens which is only about a mile away but the road is terrifying as there is no pavement as you pass the bridge over the M11 Motorway.
I don’t normally do book rating, even thought I am a reader but most of the books I have are just paranormal and UFOs and mysteries but one book has got me thinking a lot, so I do a review of it, simply because its such a good book but I must warn you its about Animal Mutilations and is very gory and in a way a very scary and hidden affair. The book is important simply because I intend to do my own investigations since I spend a lot of my time walking Obi over the fields etc.
I will not copy or put pictures of Mutilated animal on my blog, for one I know some children actually read my blog and its in very sad to see such things anyway. KILLERS on the MOOR. By Mike Freebury. The front cover shows a picture of one of the Dartmoor Pony’s that was mutilated its bleached white skull looking towards its tail.
Its not a difficult book to read, I can read a book from cover to cover in a day or two usually but this one well so far its took just over two weeks. Why! I spend only 40minutes before I go to bed to read the book, and read about 2 of its chapters, and ponder and think about what the investigator is trying to bring across to me the reader. In all there are 49 chapters some ranging for a page and a half to a few pages at most, there are some pictures mostly of a gory nature and well Animal Mutilation is a serious affair, not a book to read over your Breakfast, dinner or supper it really is very graphic in the depiction of the poor sheep, pony’s and other wildlife, that some have wounds that are very similar in size and missing the same type of organs, heart, liver, ears, tongues, and rectal cores, very sick indeed.
I particularly like the way the Mr Freebury can take you with him on his nightly vigils with his friend and constant watch companion Dave, you can almost feel the chill in the air, the smell in the boot of his Silver Jaguar car the weeks that it took to get the smell out, and I for one can relate to an extent with that, Fox dropped a whole two mugs of Latté, in our wagon and for months afterwards it smelt like someone took a shit in the car, we could not get rid of the smell till we got our new Mercedes, all hot drinks are now banned. You are guided into an area of darkness, the mind can little comprehend, and it is so hidden even the media have lied blaming the likes of Pagan and Satanists or even natural predators, well if a predator like a fox can do such damage, we should be worried they have more skill than a modern day surgeon working in a hospital. The pictures clearly show you the wounds hence no dinner please, and one of the greatest mysteries of it is? NO BLOOD is ever found! I shit you not, no blood is ever found the animal is completely drained of its life force if it was a predator surely there would be blood splatter from the biting and tearing of flesh? You can almost feel his frustration, dealing with the law and DEFRA, and it beggars the question who or how did they know the name of the VET doing his Autopsies?
There is a shadow growing over this was his phone hacked well if the papers can do it, then so do the government agents, those shadow men those men in Black or MIBs are watching his every move. But several questions remain unanswered is WHO is doing it?
And for what reason is it being done. There is an agenda being worked out in the English countryside, a place of outstanding beauty. One thing is for sure there is something at work, in our land taking cattle without consent, and little or no regard for the wealth fare of the poor creatures being abducted. If you are into the UFO phenomenon, then I would highly recommend this book very well written by someone who has actually been there and is still going there to this day, it’s comforting to know that there are some people out there willing to take this on at any cost. One thing the book has left me wanting to do my bit in documenting such things but where do you start? I sent an email to the APFU (Animal Pathology Field Unit) asking what type of equipment I could use. I am still waiting for a response, but I did ask in the RichPlanet forum for some guidance and I got it 12 hours later so what do I need to do an investigation? A Camera, Video, Ruler, specimen bottles, a hobby knife and tweezers, and a syringe I also have an EMF meter from my ghost hunting days which will come in handy, Mike actually used one on one of the sheep and he got a reading. So it feels I have most of the equipment I would need to do my own investigations, not that AM is something that is always going on, well not in this neck of the woods, but one must remain vigilant at all times, and since I tend to spend a massive amount of time walking Oberon over the fields, I should at least attempt to play a part.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

First week of New Year.

It’s been quite very quite, other than Obi has made a few new friends over the fields; I have changed my direction as part of getting a bit more out of the village I live in. The village hall has a small playing field which leads to public pathways all the way over to the M11 which cut Sheering in two, along the muddy paths well worn and many paw marks, leads to a small bridge which has been used by the farmer’s cars, or 4x4s. On one of the walks Obi met Samuel a brown Lab, only One year old adolescent, full of beans and very friendly, the day after he met Wolfe and Sabar two very large dogs I don’t know the breeds but I bumped into them once over the field and nearly crapped myself they came towards me and Obi and I had to back track back over the field and took Obi home but today for the first time it was only Wolfe who was running around wild. He came up to us, and Obi took to him almost immediately, and became friends the owner of Wolfe was shouting for him but he was having none of it and decided to go walk about by himself, we made our way over to the playing field next to the village hall, and Wolfe decided to join us and wanted to come home with me and Obi, I ended up having to grab Wolfe by his collar and wait till the owner came up to retrieve him.
The owner a bit of a big bruiser, did not hit the dog but asked if I think he should tell him off, I said no he only enjoying his freedom and is such a nice natured dog, I wonder if he was trying to test me in some way? I met my sister for her belated Birthday celebration, on New Years Eve, Fox drove me to the station at Sawbridgeworth.
I took the train to London and used the tube to get me to Victoria station. I made her a cake a marble cake green, white and gold the Celtic colours, and a nice birthday card. It was so nice to meet Nicola and John and they got me a brilliant new video camera, one that can see in the night and its so tiny and it records in HD.
I am so lucky to have such good family, I am one lucky guy. I been taking so many films over the past week one thing I have noticed about recording in HD is the quality of the movies and the amount of mb’s it takes a 2 min film will be around 400+MB lucky I have a 16gig card I got from John. Which gives me around 45 minutes play time; this is something I will have to keep to a tight control on and delete, stuff that I do not intend to use and make my movies and publish them and put them on dvd recorders and keep my Hard drive as clean as possible.
The video comes with some software, which is also a movie editor, I have never used one but I intend to use it more often and do more with the films I do, the Panasonic video is also a 8mp camera and a voice recorder which is really good for evp’s, something I intend to use a few times in St Mary’s church yard and see if I can pick up on anything since it has digital double mic recorders.
The new year has started a little slow but on a positive note I have just received my new books killer in the moors about Animal Mutilations in the Dartmoor national park, its one of those books I like to read at night time, its very good and kind of scary thinking that something is going on that defies logic and sense. And the second book is about Cupcakes and fairy cakes, yeah a big difference.
I love to bake and want to do more, I have been looking at getting a icing kit since the one I got with my cup cake maker fell apart on the first time well actually it fell apart when I opened the package that it was included in! Telly is so shit I keep watching re runs of of all the truth shows out there its really the only thing worth watching least if you don’t believe in the unknown, ufo, mutilation, abductions, false flag terrorism etc, one thing you will not get is bullshit, he leaves that for the BBC, SKY. I hope you have all had a good start to the new year, and that the coming year brings you so many good things that makes you both happy and loving. xxxx
Happy Birthday little sister xxxx