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Saturday, 7 January 2012

First week of New Year.

It’s been quite very quite, other than Obi has made a few new friends over the fields; I have changed my direction as part of getting a bit more out of the village I live in. The village hall has a small playing field which leads to public pathways all the way over to the M11 which cut Sheering in two, along the muddy paths well worn and many paw marks, leads to a small bridge which has been used by the farmer’s cars, or 4x4s. On one of the walks Obi met Samuel a brown Lab, only One year old adolescent, full of beans and very friendly, the day after he met Wolfe and Sabar two very large dogs I don’t know the breeds but I bumped into them once over the field and nearly crapped myself they came towards me and Obi and I had to back track back over the field and took Obi home but today for the first time it was only Wolfe who was running around wild. He came up to us, and Obi took to him almost immediately, and became friends the owner of Wolfe was shouting for him but he was having none of it and decided to go walk about by himself, we made our way over to the playing field next to the village hall, and Wolfe decided to join us and wanted to come home with me and Obi, I ended up having to grab Wolfe by his collar and wait till the owner came up to retrieve him.
The owner a bit of a big bruiser, did not hit the dog but asked if I think he should tell him off, I said no he only enjoying his freedom and is such a nice natured dog, I wonder if he was trying to test me in some way? I met my sister for her belated Birthday celebration, on New Years Eve, Fox drove me to the station at Sawbridgeworth.
I took the train to London and used the tube to get me to Victoria station. I made her a cake a marble cake green, white and gold the Celtic colours, and a nice birthday card. It was so nice to meet Nicola and John and they got me a brilliant new video camera, one that can see in the night and its so tiny and it records in HD.
I am so lucky to have such good family, I am one lucky guy. I been taking so many films over the past week one thing I have noticed about recording in HD is the quality of the movies and the amount of mb’s it takes a 2 min film will be around 400+MB lucky I have a 16gig card I got from John. Which gives me around 45 minutes play time; this is something I will have to keep to a tight control on and delete, stuff that I do not intend to use and make my movies and publish them and put them on dvd recorders and keep my Hard drive as clean as possible.
The video comes with some software, which is also a movie editor, I have never used one but I intend to use it more often and do more with the films I do, the Panasonic video is also a 8mp camera and a voice recorder which is really good for evp’s, something I intend to use a few times in St Mary’s church yard and see if I can pick up on anything since it has digital double mic recorders.
The new year has started a little slow but on a positive note I have just received my new books killer in the moors about Animal Mutilations in the Dartmoor national park, its one of those books I like to read at night time, its very good and kind of scary thinking that something is going on that defies logic and sense. And the second book is about Cupcakes and fairy cakes, yeah a big difference.
I love to bake and want to do more, I have been looking at getting a icing kit since the one I got with my cup cake maker fell apart on the first time well actually it fell apart when I opened the package that it was included in! Telly is so shit I keep watching re runs of of all the truth shows out there its really the only thing worth watching least if you don’t believe in the unknown, ufo, mutilation, abductions, false flag terrorism etc, one thing you will not get is bullshit, he leaves that for the BBC, SKY. I hope you have all had a good start to the new year, and that the coming year brings you so many good things that makes you both happy and loving. xxxx
Happy Birthday little sister xxxx

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