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Monday, 30 January 2012

The Surveyor’s visit.

We got our property just over 2 and a half years ago, from the onset we have noticed that all is not well, even thought the survey report looked good for the age of the property its self, but we had our doubts, but we went by what the report said, and accepted his findings.
Two years down the line, the property has massive cracks where extensions were undertaken, namely the front room has a flat roof, a conservatory that has problems keeping its plastic roof on, when there are high winds, thank god, I was able to fix that little problem, but the cracks are something else all together.
Fox is understandably worried about what might come of it, as I have repeated over the course of a year, that if it was a big problem the survey report would have pointed this out, there was some damage like two of the windows would need replacing at some time namely the bathroom and side window.
Well as things would have it the only problem with the house is a bit of damp that the surveyor thinks is due to a pin hole in one of the pipes under the oak flooring thank god I still have extra planks in the tool shed. So after months of worry well fox worried more than me, but still knowing what it is-is better than not knowing what is wrong with the place, the cracks can be repaired with some Evo-Stick epoxy glue you can get from any local DIY store.
My video of the UFO has created a bit if a stir, it’s slowly becoming viewed by people all over the world, thought not much in comments but I am getting a fair amount on the forums I belong, in case you have not seen it here it is. I still have no idea what it is but I am keeping my eyes to the sky ever since, I have even decided that I will carry my tripod around with me, its only a small light one but will keep the camera steady as I film it, one of my grips about anything unusual is the dreaded camera shake that you seem to always get with UFOs and such like.
It’s Monday afternoon and I been pushing my blog around the forums and on yahoo news which let you comment on the current stories, the things I do to get recognized in the world lol.
I been doing the garden over the weekend and I’m even doing the raking today as well, Fox plans to get as much seeds as possible at the weekend, potatoes, onions, strawberry, and I have to re-pot my blueberry tree, its becoming pot bound, and I plan to use the berries in my muffins, I made a few batches of them and they were so good, a good addition to breakfast.
I am reading a book called Abduction by Ann Andrews I have just read 3 chapters of it, its very convincing you can almost feel for the family and all they have had done to them over the years, I will keep my mouth shut and write a review when I have finished the book its that good.
Well Wednesday has crept up on me; I don’t know where Tuesday went at all? I have noticed that Obi has a sneaky way of getting his chops around cake, during my last bake I made 14 small cup cakes or Fairy cakes between me, fox and Obi we polished off 11 of them, and we left 3 for the birds in the garden, but Obi had other Idea’s and when he went for his night time pee he would sneak up to the bird table and help himself to one, dashing of to the back of the garden to eat his ill got ton gains.
I was tweeting with a friend of mine Richard Lennie who is a night time investigator he watches the skies with proper night vision, he sent me a video link, which actually mad me remember I had seen something like it in my past, and I recall it so well now. There is not much to it I was sitting on the floor no more than 10 years old watching the Professionals on telly my mum and granddad were watching it with me, for some reason I looked at the side window of our flat and saw for a brief moment a small maybe the size of a tennis ball red glob fly by the window.
But in stead of getting up to have a look, I just turned and watched the telly program, I did not even say to my family what I just saw, but when I went out to play football later on, some of my friends saw it as well, namely Gerry Fisher who was one of my best pals.
Thinking of my past now I remember when I was around 7 years old and I used to hang around with a small group of guys who were to put it bluntly hoodlums I suppose I was one also, though we never did the things that modern day hoods do, we never stabbed or stole from the poor we were quite respectful of our elders but we did on a number of occasions sneak into Hedrey’s ginger bottle factory and nick the bottles of juice.
I think they were for export cause you never found them in the shops or Ice cream vans, as I look for all the places I once had roamed or went to are no more, lost in history and memory. It leaves me feeling kind of sad, and points to the simple fact I am getting older, and some times wiser.
Golly its Thursday and I was thinking it was Friday I put a Euromillions ticket on from a win on a scratch card of £5 and I got a few letters this morning which has lowed my mood a little, the one from the bus company or council for free bus passes, seems I even need a doctors letter if I want a companion, I just crossed the box and with a £1 I got a envelope and stamp and sent it back with the companion part X lets hope they give me it, not feeling so confident now.
I also got my sick certificate back from the DWP, I’m so pissed at this so not only don’t I have a job, I don’t get help from the government in any way, it feels so wrong I have went to battle for this country I watched after the ill and dieing, and now when I need the help its sadly lacking, I really give up I really do.

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