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Monday, 6 February 2012

It’s time for change.

Well a new week upon me and I been on and off the phone all morning dealing with our telephone and internet providers virgin and BT, we have decided to slim our expenditure, with a massive saving of £12.50 a month and move both our telephone and internet over to sky, and have it all just as one bill per month.
Artist's impression of the BSB sky satellite. I had to call virgin to get my MAC code and god did they try and make me feel bad, not that it worked, I was ready for it and my excuse was pity you don’t have cable but you don’t so you cant give me the full works where as sky can.
It took at least 15 minutes to get off the phone from virgin, saying that I would lose my virgin email in 60 days and that I would get my MAC code in at least 5 days time I said well if I get my MAC code today you can keep your email, I never used it that much anyway preferring my Yahoo for electronic mail.
BT on the other hand were very matter of fact about it all, and accepted that I have a better service so sorry Mr Branson your going to have to get to the stars with out my impute. Village Gossip.
Not that often I remember to give a bit of information about my area I live in, a few things have come to mind, a dear old lady who after years of trying to get a council property, finally got one only to collapse on the day of her move, to her new home in the Plashets.
as far as I know she is still in Hospital and is very Poorly, I do wish her all the best and my prayers are with her, I call her the dog lady she never walks by a dog with out giving it some sort of treat be it a little chew or some white chocolate, she has given Obi some white chocolate a few times and I end up eating it cause I love white choc lol.
The second thing is when I was coming home from Bishop Stortford a few days ago, I found the remains of a baby deer, laying by the road side dead, it was hit by a car/van/truck who knows but its hind leg was ripped off, exposing its hip and bones, what a terrible thing to have witnessed, for decency I will not show the pictures but only say this, the person that done that I hope it smashed your car up.
Well Tuesday has crept upon us like some assassin, taking Obi out this morning it was so cold even the drizzly rain has a menace to it, shiny like ice crystals cold and wet, I took my replacement gloves this morning to keep the cold out, I even put on my evening cardigan under my waterproof jacket, just to keep the warmth in.
I am feeling quite good that I did all that phone calling yesterday for the MAC code from Virgin even if I was given the run-a-round by there adviser, what it means its done and I can now forget it, the code is now with Sky internet all I need to do now is wait for the hardware to arrive in the next few days.
The letter I got from them says it will be all switched on by 9th of February the morning for the phone and evening for the internet, so up till then I will keep on using Virgin.
I been selling some stuff on Amazon, the thing I like most about buying and selling is getting great cheap books from all over the place its surprising the amount of decent books Charity shops have in stock and all in all I save a lot of money from having to get them new, I would rather have someone’s cast off than pay a publisher lots of money.
But one that that really upsets me is timewasters, I hate them you give proper details and when you spend the time printing up address labels boxing sending via expensive postage, they don’t actually want it and have to send it back to you, but what do you do if what they send back comes back damaged? I will wait and see. Well its Wednesday morning is so bloody cold, it’s taken me ages to not only wake up but actually it’s near on impossible to get started.
I’m watching the news poor Fred Goodwin stripped of his knighthood well all I can say about that is I don’t give the tiniest shit, he should have went to jail for all the hardship he has caused for all the people that has lost there jobs there homes and family’s torn apart.
As promised I will review another book this one by Ann Andrews. Abducted: The True Story of Alien Abduction in Rural England
I found this book hard to put down once I started reading it, the family namely the mother Ann and her son Jason are the centre of the story of abduction, I don't know if you believe in the story or not, I do, there is a strong feeling of truth to the whole thing, I understand that Mrs Andrews has written other books on the abductions namely her Indigo child, I think she said all she can in this book.
During the abductions you can feel for the family and the way it affects them, this is brought over very strongly, and there are some pictures as well there farm, and some drawings of the Abductors which give a validity to the book, though I would need more to believe fully in what they are saying.
But if you’re interested in the whole UFO and Abduction phenomenon then I would recommend you add this book to your collection, because if there is ever disclosure, this book and its type will sell out rather fast.
Its still minus 1 outside, I can’t seem to pull my clothing on, I look at Obi his big brown eyes pleading to go out, and I keep telling him I am waiting for the post man, wish he could understand.
Well I been in contact with David Cayton the UK answer to Stanton Friedman, his knowledge of the UFO subject is second to none and has appeared on RichPlanet a fair amount of times and I been in contact with him over a kit to use when I am walking over the fields and forests with Obi. If you have time then you should watch the video there are around 10 part's from the Richplanet he is such a interesting guy and I hope one day to meet him and get drunk! A great many times I have come across animals that have shifted the mortal coil and I have documented it, but out of decency I will never publish these photos, I know for a fact that children read my blog and ok I might swear on a number of occasions but I do believe that photos are powerful and I want to protect my young viewers from seeing something that I deem distressing.
But what I have agreed is to pass the photos on to David so he can document the difference of the unusual Animal Mutilation and normal predation attacks, which being in the countryside you become quite used to such things, on a daily basis.
God its Thursday and it’s crept up like a dodgy vindaloo, I almost had to force my breakfast down my neck, its so cold, but thankfully I have had my food very early and took my medication.
Walked Obi over the frozen fields for his first walk, when we got back I noticed this massive trailer with some sort of what looked like a motorway surface layer on in, I love big things particularly with even bigger engines lol that’s the kid in me.
I even went to the café this morning for a cuppa, with Obi in toe to have his sheering sausage, seems Loraine and Dawn were both busy.
I was grumbling about the price of the Internet and the extortionate price we pay for everything and the council charging us the most council tax which comes to around £239 a month.
The internet is a little cheaper but its not cable and you can only have BT or Virgin unlimited even sky only give you 40gig allowance cause we are outside there area for the unlimited usage, but they say when it comes available we be the first to change over so instead of paying the £17 a month we will only pay the £7 a month they do in Sawbridgeworth, Harlow and Bishop Stortford.
I have been busy moving the CCTV to the conservatory, chances are the CCTV will be in the A:bedroom B:kitchen C:conservatory thought I don’t think the conservatory is a good Idea people who try to gain entry will see there is CCTV all over the house.
Can’t believe its Friday I tend to stop blogging when the weekend start’s I get so busy in the house, taking Obi to Harlow town park with Fox and we go for family walks together, and the usual quick stop to Tesco before we go home for my breakfast and medication, I always feel a bit grumpy on a Friday I think its to do with not taking my meds first thing in the morning I tend to get up late since fox is home and she lets obi out in the garden, maybe I should still get up when fox goes of to work?
Well I wake up to Saturday morning with a steaming mug of tea, its 8:20am I decide that I might as well get up after the morning mug, and try and keep to the usual week day routine, and it works I take Obi for his first walk come home and take my medication, Fox is already gone to meet Trish her sister, for a bit of shopping, we tend to do our weekly shop on a Saturday, I sit and play on the computer but actually I tend to start to put my blog together ready for the Monday publication.
Sitting doing this I hear the familiar chug chug chug of a helicopter over head, I dash out it’s the police helicopter looking for someone its very rare for it to come this way into our sleepy village it goes right over my head with my telephoto lens on my camera I start taking photos of the bird, I so love everything mechanical, the noise the power of the engines just thrill me.
And my new Sky wireless router has arrived with the post man this fine morning looking good so far. I have been making sure of the birds in the garden are well catered for, there is at the moment a very cold period, the ground is rock hard and all the water is frozen solid.
I have been making sure that both seed, fatballs, suit logs and water is both fresh and is still in its liquid state, but pouring boiling water over the fountain ponds.
As usual there are a lot of takers, Robins, Blue/Yellow tits black birds, thrushes woodpeckers and magpies all have something to get there beaks into.
Saturday night has brought, what looks like snow, it pounds the ground and takes ages to finally start to lay, I am thinking that by morning it will be gone, and go for a run around with Obi in the back garden, he loves the snow.
Being a breed whose beginnings are in the foothills of the Himalayas watching the temples he is well used to the cold white stuff we call snow, we wake to Sunday morning and it looks so thick on the ground Obi is in heaven/Shangri-La and is bounding around the garden like a dog possessed.
I can just feel that he is going to enjoy the day ahead with his walks, I am so well wrapped up as we start his first walk, his long hair protecting him from the cold ground and the snow comes up to his belly, I feel sorry for his nuts.
One thing I did not recon on was his hairy legs would attract snow like a magnet, and by the time the first walk was over he had a pair of snow boots, like Yule baubles hanging from his front and hind legs. His walked even changed to accommodate his new accessories he hopped and skipped over the snow as we made our way home, I texted fox to get some hot towels ready, and decided to put the fire on in the conservatory to help him melt, and I mean melt.
As the evening wore on the snow was going no place fast and it stayed just below freezing for the remainder of the day but after the first walk I kept Obi to more travelled paths and he did not get the snow boots as bad as before, his second walk he had some the size of a golf ball, by the evening the ground was compacted and he had none save for a few icicles hanging around his beard and front paws.
Monday we still have snow but let’s hope he don’t get snow boots I aren’t got a fire on.

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