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Monday, 27 February 2012


The start of the week, when I am keeping busy cleaning the cottage brushing out the stove for the fire sometime this week, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday I will have a fire and sit and read for the afternoon after Obi had his afternoon walk and do it a little bit sooner so I can have at least 3 hours of reading.
It’s 3 days till I go to London with Tom and do my heart test at the London University College hospital at the Nuclear Medicine department on the 5th floor, all I can say Is I hope the lifts are in working order. From 12am onwards I cannot eat and have to make sure I do not have any caffeine and only a light breakfast, and during the whole day all I am aloud are a few chocolate biscuits and milk, so if the heart attack doesn’t get me the hunger will.
I am so glad I am being driven around by Tom, the though of having to go via train and tube was actually making me feel a little too stressed out.
if you follow the link below you get an idea of what they are doing what they are putting into me, not as bad as a Angioplasty and stents, by scary all the same.
Well with that out of the way, I spent the better part of an hour just reading the second link, I had worse, I mean an Angioplasty is so painful, no that I am a goose or anything but having that procedure is akin to having a Mexican Midget jumping up and down on your Groin and he laughing hysterically, like I was the last time they went via my groin I was laughing so much the pain was so bad, if I did not laugh I would be screaming my noggin off.
Today feels like a Tuesday, I just took Obi on an epic walk around the fields it’s amazing how nice it feels at the moment and its February as well, I did not expect it to be this nice fat puffy clouds as far as the eye can see. Its not often I put pen to paper, every one these days its all email, strange going to the post office for a first class stamp and it was 46p I remember when they were just 10p for one.
I wrote a letter to Robert Green thrown in Prison by an unjust court system, his crime for telling the truth about Hollie Greig, if you don’t know about this little girl abused sexually by a paedophile ring in Scotland just Google her name and you will see what I mean. Anyway I wrote him a short letter of support and my dismay at the way he has been treated by the Police, Judges, and the Scottish courts. I been listening to a lot of pod casts on my Iphone and computer I am finding the telly really boring also its good to walk Obi and listen to a pod, the moment I am listening to Kate Valentine pod’s her show is all about UFOs you can find her here. I find she has a lovely relaxing voice; I must put a comment up on her up coming show to let her know she has a fan in the UK. I went to bed on Wednesday night my head full of troubles as to what was going to happen in London, will we find the place or will I make it in time and will I be able to make sure I have everything I need?
Tom arrived at 7am on the dot has a cup of tea, and before long we head off to London in his car, Fox has given me the Money we will need for the day petrol and food and the parking space.
From Sheering to London our entertainment was a mixture of Smooth FM and idle chit chat and the stupidity of other drivers particularly Taxi’s that love to cut up people.
It takes nearly two hours to get there, Tom knows the road and routes so well, we even have as sat nav that even he knows better than, we booked a car park the day before but we could not find it even with the sat nav trying to point us in the right direction, in the end I jump out of the car and head to the hospital and leave Tom to find the car park.
I forgot the letter, so I jump on the first life; it only goes to floor 2 there is no floor 5 for a moment I get worried am I in the right bloody hospital? I find the information desk it’s just in side the massive rotating doors.
The woman sitting at the desk looks fed up and tries to one send me the wrong way and trying to finish my sentence, down stairs lower basement for x-ray.
No it’s not an x-ray it’s something else on the 5th floor? Oh nuclear medicine, yeah that’s it she points to the other lifts I did not see, I grab the first life it only goes from floor 7-16 I had to come back down and jump in the second lift which would take me to floor 5.
I reach the admission desk with 30 seconds to spare, I gave my name and date of birth and he did not ask for the letter thank god, I was sitting for just 5 minutes then my name was called an Italian doctor, very pleasant but difficult to understand,
took me to another waiting area and asked me to follow him to the first room asked me to take my tops off, a nurse with him put sticky stuff on my chest so the ECG leads can hang from my heart area, so they can watch me as I sit on the cycle machine, they put the ven flow into my arm and put the first of two nuclear injections into my body, I peddle like mad keeping a steady 7mph go for the next 10 minutes.
When I am finished I am taken to the second waiting room and told I can drink as much tea and coffee as I want and eat if I want, I’m so hungry I took some digestives, the tea and coffee is free of charge. I am sitting down and I am wondering where Tom has got to I send him a text and he sends one back saying he waiting for me, I go and college him, we sitting in a deadly quite waiting room people coming and going lost in there own worlds, we have a our plastic boiling hot tea, you cannot drink them they are so hot, I wrote in the comments box that one day a child is going to burn itself if its not already happened.
Tom is such a booster, he keeps us talking mostly about trikes and bikes we love to have one day, it takes 50 minutes for me to be called to the second room for my 2nd test the camera, I am asked to lay down and the camera it’s massive and covered my whole side of my chest I just hope it don’t slip and cut me in half, the test takes 7 minutes, then I am told I can eat if I am a diabetic and to be back in the waiting room at !:30pm for my next and last Injections.
We sit in the café and have chips beans and a sandwich and some coffee’s from Costa, before we wander back, we only gone 40 minutes, at 1:35pm I am called into the nurses room and given the last injection and the ven flow is taken out the injection is really tummy upsetting and I want to be sick, but there is not much in my belly I have a thing about frozen chips I hate them, and I ate very little even the beans did not feel right, it could be the medication and radioactive stuff in my body but I could not take it, and the only thing I really enjoyed was the coffee.
It takes another 50 minutes to do the final test the same as before only this time the heart at rest, the same procedure as before then when I was finished I was told that it will take 2-3 weeks for my doctor to receive the results.
I have a appointment with my doctor on the 3rd of March I will put pressure on him then and see if I can get the update quicker, I have been told that there are only two options open to me, they open me up for a by pass surgery or do nothing cause the heart is not too bad.
I know what I hope but I am not going to speculate then when it comes it comes till then I will enjoy my life and keep on baking my lovely cakes. Love you all and special thanks to my best mate Tom the best step dad in the world.

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