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Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday it’s a start.

After the other morning waking up so cold, I have not had a repeat of feeling so darn cold, my Tramadol ran out on Sunday evening and made sure I ordered more of my Morphine medication well in advance, I would still have to get my way up to Hatfield Heath to collect it one way or another, I am still expecting my bus pass to come very soon but still no sign of it, the bus is so expensive in Essex compared to the likes of Brighton £4 for an all day bus pass, as opposed to £6 for a return to Harlow town centre only 7 miles down the road.
It’s a staggering £3.80 return to Hatfield heath which is only 1 mile up the road and the bus comes every hour… its quicker to walk, well if I had some Tramadol in me I might have given it a go, but I did not and after taking Obi out for his first walk, my legs were hurting so much, so my legs decided and got the bus there and back.
Sheering village news. For the past 2 weeks I have seen a sigh that says road closed namely the Church Lane which connects with the Harlow road, which will take you to Harlow but in a round about way loved by bikers,
but it was not until I took Obi for a walk over that area, did I see why its closed well the little bridge is out of action, massive stone blocks stopping every car from going over the river that cuts through the fields.
Tuesday morning and its Valentines day, last week me and fox decided that we were not going to celebrate with cards, save trees, save our pockets I can think of lots of other useful things to spend £10 on, like food treats for Obi, I know its about the day of love, how I feel for fox is I love her every day not just on this day.
I am into my first week of the sky 40gig package, I have been counting up how much I actually use and so far the blog uses very little if I keep it all short and sweet and not over do it with videos, not that I post that much up anyway, I would expect I use at least 500mb a month just on my weekly blog,
maybe less, my little sister Nicola thinks that I could not use that amount up in a month even if I tried… I hope so! I got a new book today from Amazon USA a Budd Hopkins and the true story of the Brooklyn bridge abduction Witnessed, its come a lot faster than I though which is great I am missing a good read in the evening.
I would have liked to have seen him, but sadly he passed away on the 21st August 2011 not that long ago, a man I have come to admire over the years his loss to the UFO & Alien community is sadly felt.
Its Wednesday and its Lotto night and thunderball, our chance to be well of comes around again, well knowing our luck it be next week, but you never know as my sister Trish says… You’re got to be in it to win it.
The snow is almost gone now and the fields are getting really muddy my shiny black boots have mud clinging to them like glue, as part of our budgeting with the shopping I have been doing a shopping list when I find we are out of something so far I have added 14 separate things. ~Gulp~
I have been reading and watching with interest what’s happening at Ibrox the home of Rangers FC the rivals of Glasgow Celtic FC, I am a Celtic supporter my family are Celtic supporters as was my Granddad and great grand dad,
I remember the rivalry and hatred both sets of supporters used to show to one another, and yet I feel a loss at what is happening there, I just hope the old Firm keep on going and do not disappear from the game forever. What is ironic about Rangers is the fans sing God Save the Queen and it’s the Queen’s own tax man that is screwing them… Bonkers!
Its not unusual but well I have not actually been keeping up to date with my blog, I tend to write a little each day, so that I don’t have to try and remember everything, I think mid week I was feeling a little down and useless with really horrible thoughts going through my head, in some way I am so happy I have fox, her easy going attitude and noting is difficult if you work it out, worked a treat just took a few days to get all out what was bothering me.
On the 23rd I have a test at the London University College hospital, another heart test, injections die pumped into my heart and more injections to make my heart beat faster, to put in under pressure and lots of photographs of me ailing ticker, and decide if they are going to open me up and do a by pass.
I’m kind of scared; you know you actually die during the procedure if only for the briefest of moments. I mean what if I don’t wake up? What if the devil is waiting for me, ready to take me away, what if there’s nothing… I love my wife my family my darling dog Oberon, and I never want to be apart from any of them, put your trust in god is what a religious person says, not so good if you’re a believer in the ancient Alien belief.
Well Saturday here and we on a budget it’s decided that fox will take obi for a walk in the park and I will go to sainsbury’s and do the shopping myself, so with Nectar card in hand I disappear into the sliding doors of the massive shop with my medium trolley and shopping list in hand, it did not take that long the shopping came to £29 and I used £10 on my nectar card,
and sat and waited till fox and Trish came to pick me up in the café.
I think as the week goes on next week I will do very little if any writing I think my mind will be on the hospital appointment looming over my head like vulture, ready to pick my carcase apart like a scavenger.
I am very grateful to Tom taking the day off work and driving me up and back from London he a pillar of strength I don’t know what I would do with out his help, many times he been there to pick me up and give me the nudge in the right direction when I need it.
I think for next week I will blog the hospital only maybe a few thoughts along the way, but we shall see, and as I have said before see you on the flip side of next week. God/Alien willing…

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