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Monday, 13 February 2012

The first snow of 2012

Saturday evening was the start of it, it came in a blizzard wave, half rain half Ice but sometime during the small hours it turned to snow, Fox woke me up at 3am telling me that place looks so bright the snow is at least 6inchs deep and Obi is so wet from running around snapping and peeing not in that order, he don’t eat yellow snow but he does sniff it.
Sunday is a really hard day with cleaning Obi every time he comes home from his walks, he has snow boots the first set as big as tennis balls, gradually getting smaller as the day wears on, till this morning Monday he can walk in the snow and not get any, Natalie has come to collect Obi for his day with the doggies and a hair cut and grooming, he could not get out with her fast enough he never looks back and nearly dragged her into the car park and off he goes.
My day is really full, I have an appointment with the dss this afternoon, I know when ever I am dealing with these people my health suffers, the amount of anxiety I get I wonder if its worth it.
There I am standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus to Harlow, my anxiety is way though the roof and I am feeling so sick to the pit of my stomach, I then realize that I would rather beg on the street than deal with those bastards, its something when you would actually prefer to starve to death than deal with the likes of them. I walk back home its only 30 seconds walk, the bus fly’s by me as I turn to walk into the car port… I am feeling much better now!
I been watching YouTube video of Alien abduction, I am still in two minds as to whether I believe it or not, but if it does happen as much as some people say it does, then I am worried for a number of reasons.
1. Its said that abductions start in infancy boy and girls are taken and this happens for most if not all of there life’s when I say taken what I mean is with out consent. 2. Most if not all are subjected to intrusive experiments, physical, mental and sexual. 3. This is happening all over the world, not just in isolated area’s but sprawling metropolis like New York, London, Paris and Rome. 4. Most don’t remember the abduction unless they have recall from hypnotism or recall but mostly everyone is saying the same story over and over again. 5. There is proof but even that is subjective, implants, photographs and now video but what is truth and what is false?
In a day and age of our own advancement with computers nothing is ever what it seems, you can video something post it up on YouTube and with in a few days someone will show you how its done by trickery, what I don’t get is why does this happen, is there an under current of deception not from the people saying something happened but from the people who know full well what is going on and don’t want the general public to know the score?
Wednesday morning I am expecting a book or two to arrive from Amazon even more abduction stories I keep questioning myself why I am so interested in this subject.
But instead of a book what I get is my appointment with the hospital in London for the cardiac scan at the Uni Collage Hospital London for the 23rd of February, I noticed fox looked worried with knowing that I am going for another heart test.
Yet I feel relaxed, maybe its more to do with the fact that I am now so aware of my body and its moods swings and general well being, and my acceptance of living with a heart disease that will one day claim me, but also why I feel relaxed about it is, I know what is wrong with me, I am so aware of what is going on, I don’t panic which so many people do, and end up dead from a heart attack.
The reason for all the interest in the UFO/Abduction phenomenon is partly due to the fact I have had my own close encounters, now I am not saying I have been abducted by Aliens, heavens forbid, but I have seen there craft on several occasions now even videoed them twice, but one encounter has perplexed me for many years it is only recently I have recalled it in detail.
I was 22 and was out of the army for coming up nearly two years, and was staying with my mum and sister Nicola in a flat in Ferguslie, my room to the front, a bare room except for a bed and a mirrored chest of drawers, with a record player sitting on top, a candle at my bedside, which I would use at night, till the chest of drawers once caught fire the candle holder had cracked spilling the hot boiling wax over the side of the dresser to this day I don’t know what waked me to the danger at my side.
I had been on a sort of magical path which was relatively new to me, my mind was expanding on many fronts, just a day after a full moon ritual, I took myself to bed, it was the early hours of the morning I had been reading for what felt like hours, I drifted off to another realm still and dark, for some reason I woke totally awake, but I could not move none of my limbs moved only my eyes had movement, a slow and distant hum drifted to my ears, my head held in a vice like grip not hurting but unmoving my eyes staring into the ceiling of my bedroom, the hum become louder and louder as each second passed.
I don’t know how but I could see through the roof of the flat we were on the top flat and I could see thought the beams, chalk board and roof tiles, and beheld a massive object pulsating in lights millions of lights dimming and lighting up the hum was in tune with the changing of the insensitively lights, this craft flew slowly over my head, my eyes fixed on it, I was waiting for someone to come and drag or pull me out of bed, but that never happened, it was like I was invited to watch this magnificent sight of what I would say was a mother craft slowly drift over the flat I stayed in with my mum and sister.
As it passed I was released from what ever invisible grip that was excreted on me and rushed to the window, when I looked out the window, there was thick cloud cover, bright blue, green and yellow colours over the clouds as the craft was lost to sight.
I always thought that it was sleep paralysis I was suffering from, but I question why because at the time I had no interest in UFOs I did not even know there was abductions I only heard of the Betty and Barney Hill abduction a few years later, I don’t think I was abducted nor have I ever been abducted, but I have seen there crafts, and as I said I have even videoed there craft 2 times already. Its Sunday morning 4am to be exact, I wake up its so bloody cold, even with a 15tog super quilt tee shirt PJs and socks I wake feeling ill as if I have the flu, Fox tells me to put the heating on which I did, this is the first time in my life I have woke feeling chilled to the bone, in a way I wanted to be sick.

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