The Crows nest!

Monday, 31 August 2009

I came of my bike boohoo

Well for the worst of the weekend I came of my bike *shakes head in shame* Now I know that I’m nothing more than a learner with my L plates but god I do wish I had someone more experienced to go out with.

I know you live and learn after all, you can’t run before you learn to walk, just watching a kid crawl then the first tender steps are a tentative time, many times the baby will fall over mostly into the arms of an adoring mum or dad, the only thing that caught me was cold hard tarmac, I rolled around the ground for what felt like age’s but I was only down for no more than 30 seconds but the damage was done, I bent my foot rest plate, my ribs took a pounding, my shoulder hurts like made and if I laugh it feels like I have a midget wrestler, taking bunny punches and my ribs are the punch bags.

But on a positive note I feel there is a lesson to learn, one of my preoccupations is not going fast enough for other road users and not thinking of my own safety which is why I ended up hitting a mud bank at the side of a turning, a lesson learn I think if I keep coming of I keep getting back up and getting on my bike again, I want to ride so much, I like the freedom the bike offers me, and good old Tom is going to see if its possible to get the foot plate fixed at work, he works on the buses so he must know lots of people fingers crossed.

If it’s a no and I have to get a new plate well, I be out of £120 or there about for a replacement, lucky we can afford it but fox is a bit pissed at me for getting into a crash so early on, but what can you do, I did my CBT nearly 3 weeks ago, and now I am only getting around to venturing out more, but I must admit I am partly to blame, I have been under confident and not taking the helm of my road ship.

Now one of the things that feel I need to do in order to get more experience and even a bit of help with my bike is join a group and I think I found just the group, they are called MAG (motorbike action group) and there meeting house is just down the road from Vailima what a treat for a change I don’t need to go hundreds of miles to find a place of similar interest I have been looking at there website and have noticed that they go on trips and go to lots of functions as well as do charity work.

They meet on a Thursday night at the Crown pub, which as I said is only a short walk or ride if I have the bike fixed by then fingers crossed if ya want to have a look then follow the link to there website

Any way on wards and upwards, keeping my feet on the peddles and gears.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Mersea or Burst!

I’m excited today or this morning Fox has to go to her new place of work to take all her documents and certificates to show she can do the job, which I will go into more detail some time, but what I will say is she’s one brainy woman very brainy, actually if I put it how I think it she is the most intelligent woman I have ever had the privilege to know and share life with.

Cutting to the chase, we had a family trip to the seaside today, me, fox, mum, tom and of course my little bro Glen, I was wanting to use my bike but we took Zak along for the ride, and he has to be with me all the time, we so attached like Siamese twins, any how we went to Mersea Island, on the East Coast of Essex to visit Mum and Tom’s Caravan it took us around 40 mins, its nice to know that the sea is only a short drive, since only being 2-3 miles from the sea at Brighton.

I liked the camp, the sea only being a short walk, a great place for doggie walking; we took Zak for the trip out to the sands, for such a nice day I was surprised that there were not as many people as there usually is on Brighton beach with all its stones rocks and discarded drug needles and assorted condoms.

I even spied that the A Team were there, the van some what had shrunk a little but I did not see the face man Murdock or even Mr T they must have been on a mission of some importance.

Seems like the day has flown and we spent so much time eating chips and curry sauce, the dogs Zak and Tara laying in what ever shade they could find, till it was time to go home, thinking I do want to come back to Mersea again if only for the chips curry and the sandy beaches, this is a good place to bring my bike and knowing mum and Tom has a caravan we could use, not having a holiday for such a long time me and fox do like to get away once in a while.

The trip back was a bit of a horror drive, Mum’s Kia sportage started to play up, Tom had to refill up the radiator nearly six times he intuitively knows what the problem is and it’s the head gasket that’s blown, which is a big job and cost lots and lots of money to correct, but the problem is Celtic and Arsenal are playing in the champions league tonight and we are gutted, but its decided that Tom and Glen will limp home the sportage, and hope to catch the last part of the game.

In the end they get it to Hatfield Broad oak, and leave her for the night, they come 20 mins into the first half in time to see Arsenal score and win the game ooh well it’s the return game tonight lets hope Celtic do the business tonight and win that place if not it’s the Europe cup for us!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Grease is the word!

17th August 2009

Its been over a week since I last visited this place, family life beckons and visits from far flung sisters well Brighton actually if you can call that far flung! It seems like a life time has passed since we moved to Vailima from Sussex, not that we are finished doing the house up or even cut the grass, something that is quite new to me still, Highfield was mostly stone, soil, pond and decking with no need for a lawn mower, but least mum got us one seeing a need and us quite short of cash, since fox was made redundant.

Every time my sister comes to stay, its always fun but to be truthful we did not do as much as I would have like, cash strapped and counting pennies has been the order of the day, I have not even went out on my bike much, its been sitting on the front of the drive way for over a week, covered just in case we get a bit of rain, for some reasons bikes don’t like rain, and yet we leave a car quite happy and let it get wet, I think its to do with the saddle getting wet, after all who wants a wet arse?

I got a new bag for the bike like I said last week, but I was at a loss on how to attach the sat-nav to the bag, then I came across a novel Idea why don’t I cut a bit of the Velcro from the bag and glue it inside the bag window to stop it slipping?

Well I did try to use some superglue but that did not work, I then found I has some double sided sticky tap and used that to fasten the sat-nav to the bag, I could almost slap myself on my back thinking how good a thought is that, now I wonder if I could pastern it, there seems to be no attachment for a sat-nav for a bike seems the market is all geared towards the car market.

Another point I have found when I have been out riding my easy rider, is corners are a bit perilous, I feel I have to slow down quite a bit, maybe its my inexperience or handling of Athena (yep she has a name at last) but I feel I have to move slowly around the many roundabouts in Harlow and tight corners on the B roads in and about Sheering and Hatfield, I know I get more comfortable as I practice and take her out more over the next few months before the winter month’s are upon us is sunny Essex, there has been no more rain for a few days, but things have been busy with family coming and going a few meals and a birthday or two coming up.

I have plans to go to Epping Forest in the next few days weather permitting that is, which will be to date the longest journey so keep an eye out for the blog update.

Now a bit of a side swipe its not often if ever I rave about a bit of music but for a bit of indulgence there is a cracking bit of song floating around which I have been waiting for a few months for!
Its from the virgin advert, and today the song was release on I Tunes by an English singer called Slow Moving Millie the song is called Beasts if your got a spare 70pence then its worth adding to any music list.

Well we had a great time at Glens Grease party yep Grease is the word personally I have never seen the film, and can’t really relate to the players, but I love the songs and merrily sang along to quite a few of the more familiar songs, and I must admit I did reminisce when I was a teenager and was dancing to the songs, and on more than one occasion I did feel like grabbing Foxy up for a jive, but it was not for me, and I felt that my sugar levels were thru the roof, which they were when we got home I took my blood and it was 29 it should be only 7-8 so I was and still am as high as a kite, the only thing that annoys me is I forgot my camera and even my phone,, oooh the last word was when we got home, and took Zak for his last walk, fox told me Keith was phoning us both, what could be the problem?

We forgot to pay for our night lol, we are so cheep ooh well up the celt’s for tomorrow night.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The bike

Well things are moving along just a little bit faster now that the new floor is being laid Keith my brother in law and Del are doing a blinding job of doing with such ease and yet the floor is nearly finished after a day and a half, mind you it would have taken 3 days if it was not for me and fox working our butts of clearing the room, Keith made a comment considering this oooh its not often we find a room nearly cleared for work.

I took out my bike for a spin around Harlow, so far I have done just around 36 miles on it, and yet I feel I have rode longer and much more far than the mile tracker gives me credit! Not that I am complaining it just feels the journey thingy is ripping me off.

Now that I do feel a lot more comfortable on the bike, Del quirked so I take it your going to join the Orphans motorbike group? I smiled and thought umm nope I don’t think so, seems they are big in Essex, as well as the Hell’s Angels and blue Angels to boot, and yet it would be nice to link up with fellow bikers for a few forays and trips along the Essex coast, safety in numbers and such things and being with others who know the roads much better than me, but I did get a sat-nav a few weeks ago, so that I can just plug things and places in and hit the road.

I put up my hands in defeat, I just cant read a flipping map and I hate the idea of having to ask people where the hell am I, the usual answer is ooh your on earth sonny! Bloody humans like a reluctant messier coming from the mountain I QUIT!!!!

Now ok I’m a bit new to being a biker, but one thing I have noticed since I have been on the bike is I feel like I am road surfing like a surfer in some far of destination riding the waves, I feel that I am doing the same thing but only on a Gilera cougar, she’s an easy rider and already a few people think or thought that she is a Harley, they can be forgiven she does look like one but she’s not, one day when I do my full licence I will get a Harley for sure, unlike some of the blogs I follow those people have such bikes all I think of is wow when I look at them.

Not that my bike is a poor imitation or anything like that she’s is so well loved and I know we going places together, over the next few years, I will do lots of miles along open road with her.

Now as you have guessed my bike doe’s not yet have a name, I cant think of a single name to call her, thought I am definite that she is a she, but for the life of me, I know I need to name her like a boat it needs a name, I thought of Shadow or something from Greek or Roman myth’s but I will keep an open mind, and not call her something from the Titans. I did think of Odin’s Messenger but that’s a name for a great big dirty Harley Davison, I did think of Rama from A.C.Clark’s brilliant books. And yet still I am totally confused as to what the final name will be, I even thought of Endora from Bewitched fame but she’s a mischief minx at best.

I have as yet to take her on an A road which feels a bit daunting because it’s a national speed limit, and I’m not to sure if she can go at 70mph or not I know I have had her at 55mph, and god the wind that hits you is quite scary, on one hand its exhilarating and feels carefree and open, and on the other hand bugs hits you at 40-55mph which stings a little if you get one in the eye, yes I do have a full face helmet and also an open face helmet I could wear glasses that should deal with the kamikaze flies and the usual assortment of death bent bugs.

I am getting a bag for my petrol tank, which has an open type window, which I can put, my sat-nav and carry my chain and wheel lock, crime is so bad in the UK, I suppose no different that any other place in the world I am very protective of my bike its something I have wanted for a long time but I always promised and promised my self this luxury, and just never got around to it, but things have happened that opened my eyes, and appreciate my life a little more, coming close to death a few times in the past 3 years the last being a massive heart attack and subsequent heart ops has helped me to realize that my biological clock is winding down and that its about time I did some of the things that would make me say I done that at last, and in some ways having my bike opens up lots of opportunities for me to explore, and enjoy a little of what feels more important now that its ever been.

The real question I should ask now; Am I a biker or not?

It’s a question that I really don’t ponder over too much there is so much more important things, and getting petrol for my bike is a more important journey for me, now one think I like and yet dislike is roundabouts in Harlow there are so many of them ok,,, ok you give always to the right but not every one obeys that you know the type of person that is, a white van man or SUV type of idiot just loves to race you cause you happen to have a powerful looking bike and yesterday I had to put up with one of each, the SUV was the worse he drove so close to me that I though I’d need a crowbar just to get him of my back tire, but I held back and just went slower, till he was forced to over take on my outside, I could see him smirk away as if he just won the lotto, I just made a mental note and thought he must be a drug dealer or something like that, arrogant and obnoxious, I have a good mind to put a web cam on the front of my bike and shame these total nut jobs on the web and on my blogger page.

And white van man just cut me up, I don’t find this man arrogant or even obnoxious, mostly he/she is a trades person trying to get from A to B as fast as possible but in his defence he did wave to say oops! And speeded of towards Old Harlow, I did catch him up thought since It was the afternoon traffic from the industrial area of Harlow, which gets so busy, I smiled inwards thinking that go you far mate!