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Monday, 17 August 2009

Grease is the word!

17th August 2009

Its been over a week since I last visited this place, family life beckons and visits from far flung sisters well Brighton actually if you can call that far flung! It seems like a life time has passed since we moved to Vailima from Sussex, not that we are finished doing the house up or even cut the grass, something that is quite new to me still, Highfield was mostly stone, soil, pond and decking with no need for a lawn mower, but least mum got us one seeing a need and us quite short of cash, since fox was made redundant.

Every time my sister comes to stay, its always fun but to be truthful we did not do as much as I would have like, cash strapped and counting pennies has been the order of the day, I have not even went out on my bike much, its been sitting on the front of the drive way for over a week, covered just in case we get a bit of rain, for some reasons bikes don’t like rain, and yet we leave a car quite happy and let it get wet, I think its to do with the saddle getting wet, after all who wants a wet arse?

I got a new bag for the bike like I said last week, but I was at a loss on how to attach the sat-nav to the bag, then I came across a novel Idea why don’t I cut a bit of the Velcro from the bag and glue it inside the bag window to stop it slipping?

Well I did try to use some superglue but that did not work, I then found I has some double sided sticky tap and used that to fasten the sat-nav to the bag, I could almost slap myself on my back thinking how good a thought is that, now I wonder if I could pastern it, there seems to be no attachment for a sat-nav for a bike seems the market is all geared towards the car market.

Another point I have found when I have been out riding my easy rider, is corners are a bit perilous, I feel I have to slow down quite a bit, maybe its my inexperience or handling of Athena (yep she has a name at last) but I feel I have to move slowly around the many roundabouts in Harlow and tight corners on the B roads in and about Sheering and Hatfield, I know I get more comfortable as I practice and take her out more over the next few months before the winter month’s are upon us is sunny Essex, there has been no more rain for a few days, but things have been busy with family coming and going a few meals and a birthday or two coming up.

I have plans to go to Epping Forest in the next few days weather permitting that is, which will be to date the longest journey so keep an eye out for the blog update.

Now a bit of a side swipe its not often if ever I rave about a bit of music but for a bit of indulgence there is a cracking bit of song floating around which I have been waiting for a few months for!
Its from the virgin advert, and today the song was release on I Tunes by an English singer called Slow Moving Millie the song is called Beasts if your got a spare 70pence then its worth adding to any music list.

Well we had a great time at Glens Grease party yep Grease is the word personally I have never seen the film, and can’t really relate to the players, but I love the songs and merrily sang along to quite a few of the more familiar songs, and I must admit I did reminisce when I was a teenager and was dancing to the songs, and on more than one occasion I did feel like grabbing Foxy up for a jive, but it was not for me, and I felt that my sugar levels were thru the roof, which they were when we got home I took my blood and it was 29 it should be only 7-8 so I was and still am as high as a kite, the only thing that annoys me is I forgot my camera and even my phone,, oooh the last word was when we got home, and took Zak for his last walk, fox told me Keith was phoning us both, what could be the problem?

We forgot to pay for our night lol, we are so cheep ooh well up the celt’s for tomorrow night.

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  1. i'll cut your grass the cost will only be a £350 statue :)