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Monday, 31 August 2009

I came of my bike boohoo

Well for the worst of the weekend I came of my bike *shakes head in shame* Now I know that I’m nothing more than a learner with my L plates but god I do wish I had someone more experienced to go out with.

I know you live and learn after all, you can’t run before you learn to walk, just watching a kid crawl then the first tender steps are a tentative time, many times the baby will fall over mostly into the arms of an adoring mum or dad, the only thing that caught me was cold hard tarmac, I rolled around the ground for what felt like age’s but I was only down for no more than 30 seconds but the damage was done, I bent my foot rest plate, my ribs took a pounding, my shoulder hurts like made and if I laugh it feels like I have a midget wrestler, taking bunny punches and my ribs are the punch bags.

But on a positive note I feel there is a lesson to learn, one of my preoccupations is not going fast enough for other road users and not thinking of my own safety which is why I ended up hitting a mud bank at the side of a turning, a lesson learn I think if I keep coming of I keep getting back up and getting on my bike again, I want to ride so much, I like the freedom the bike offers me, and good old Tom is going to see if its possible to get the foot plate fixed at work, he works on the buses so he must know lots of people fingers crossed.

If it’s a no and I have to get a new plate well, I be out of £120 or there about for a replacement, lucky we can afford it but fox is a bit pissed at me for getting into a crash so early on, but what can you do, I did my CBT nearly 3 weeks ago, and now I am only getting around to venturing out more, but I must admit I am partly to blame, I have been under confident and not taking the helm of my road ship.

Now one of the things that feel I need to do in order to get more experience and even a bit of help with my bike is join a group and I think I found just the group, they are called MAG (motorbike action group) and there meeting house is just down the road from Vailima what a treat for a change I don’t need to go hundreds of miles to find a place of similar interest I have been looking at there website and have noticed that they go on trips and go to lots of functions as well as do charity work.

They meet on a Thursday night at the Crown pub, which as I said is only a short walk or ride if I have the bike fixed by then fingers crossed if ya want to have a look then follow the link to there website

Any way on wards and upwards, keeping my feet on the peddles and gears.

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