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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Mersea or Burst!

I’m excited today or this morning Fox has to go to her new place of work to take all her documents and certificates to show she can do the job, which I will go into more detail some time, but what I will say is she’s one brainy woman very brainy, actually if I put it how I think it she is the most intelligent woman I have ever had the privilege to know and share life with.

Cutting to the chase, we had a family trip to the seaside today, me, fox, mum, tom and of course my little bro Glen, I was wanting to use my bike but we took Zak along for the ride, and he has to be with me all the time, we so attached like Siamese twins, any how we went to Mersea Island, on the East Coast of Essex to visit Mum and Tom’s Caravan it took us around 40 mins, its nice to know that the sea is only a short drive, since only being 2-3 miles from the sea at Brighton.

I liked the camp, the sea only being a short walk, a great place for doggie walking; we took Zak for the trip out to the sands, for such a nice day I was surprised that there were not as many people as there usually is on Brighton beach with all its stones rocks and discarded drug needles and assorted condoms.

I even spied that the A Team were there, the van some what had shrunk a little but I did not see the face man Murdock or even Mr T they must have been on a mission of some importance.

Seems like the day has flown and we spent so much time eating chips and curry sauce, the dogs Zak and Tara laying in what ever shade they could find, till it was time to go home, thinking I do want to come back to Mersea again if only for the chips curry and the sandy beaches, this is a good place to bring my bike and knowing mum and Tom has a caravan we could use, not having a holiday for such a long time me and fox do like to get away once in a while.

The trip back was a bit of a horror drive, Mum’s Kia sportage started to play up, Tom had to refill up the radiator nearly six times he intuitively knows what the problem is and it’s the head gasket that’s blown, which is a big job and cost lots and lots of money to correct, but the problem is Celtic and Arsenal are playing in the champions league tonight and we are gutted, but its decided that Tom and Glen will limp home the sportage, and hope to catch the last part of the game.

In the end they get it to Hatfield Broad oak, and leave her for the night, they come 20 mins into the first half in time to see Arsenal score and win the game ooh well it’s the return game tonight lets hope Celtic do the business tonight and win that place if not it’s the Europe cup for us!

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