The Crows nest!

Monday, 31 May 2010

Its a monster bee!

Much to my amazement at the beauties of nature sometimes I am taken aback by something that is unexpected and down right scary, not that I find nature in the UK that scary but when I came face to face with this little fella, it made me think twice about bees.

I was doing abit of tidying in the conservatory and planting my veg patch, I keep all my baby plants in the conservatory to give them a decent start before I put them into the ground.

From behind my carrots and Onions, I could make out a large yellow face looking at me then it started to crawl over the leaves, all I could do is look in amazement and call Fox to come and have a look as I ran to grab my camera.

Turns out he or she as we found out is a European Hornet 1.5 Inch to 2.4 Inch and is not classed as aggressive if left well alone unlike our own bees that just love to sting you for the sake of it.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Been a while since I last blogged, not that I am lazy or anything like that, just been doing other things like world of warcraft, and the usual daily stuff.

Well a lot has passed over these past few weeks, I have joined much to my better judgement a paranormal group in the Essex area, who claim to be very active well its now 2 weeks with out any updates or contact?

Not that I was looking for a group to start with but since I moved to Sheering one thing I have noticed its very quite staying in the countryside, except for the constant droll of cars, vans. Lorries. bikes and aircraft passing over head, other than that, all I have for company is the Cockerel and the odd woof of Obi and all the dogs in the immediate area.

There is the constant and pleasing sound of all the birds which make a big difference from the seagulls of Sussex, and our bird table and feeders are eagerly taken each and every day, so much so I had to stop filling one of them because of a certain squirrel stealing all that he could get his chops around.

Our bed is falling apart, I could not describe it better than it looks like something out of Harlem NY, at the moment its got Bricks propping it up looking more like a car that’s had its wheels stolen, each morning when Fox gets up I naturally sit at the other end of the bed, we talk and obi spreads himself between us looking for hands to tickle and caress him, then it happened as fox was about to take a mouthful of tea, the bed gives way and my side of the bed hits the ground with a thud!

From laying to springing Obi is on the floor wondering what had just happened, Fox has a tea face wash, and my heart is in my mouth, funny we just been looking at new beds as well, funny how the universe works innit?

Well a little on Obi since he’s our ever loyal ever brave sir Obi, has taken to eating Sponges you know the ones you use to clean dishes and the older and dirty the better, I remarked that his poo, would be like a well chewed Milky way bar! Barff

I’m not normally one for politics but what do you think of the new PM? Not that I’m surprised or anything like that but how many arses did he have to kiss and lick to get there? And has the cheek to smile like a Jackal, for once in my life I chose not to vote, I cant stand any of them the whole lot of tax grabbing money whores, it never sits well with me and for once when I CHOSE not to vote I got what I wanted a hung parliament, well that in its self was a disappointment I expected public hanging but noooooooo!

Just goes to show you get a little bit of what you want and a hole lot more of what you don’t, now it’s the Tories turn to f**k it all up, they got a big job a head of them Lab did a damn good job of destroying the NHS, I wonder if David Cameron’s got it in him, since he has arse licked kissed his way to power?

As far as the Sheering news is concerned, the only thing to report is some bloody Husky went after Obi when I was walking him on the field last week, poor obi he slipped his collar and was off like a whippet with that massive dog hot on his heels but give Obi his dues he moved even faster than it did, my only fear was that he run on to the road, and get hit by a car but thankfully he make his way home, howling at the front door lucky fox was home at the time and they owner of the Husky kept saying sorry fella, my reaction was to say nothing, simply be cause I WANTED to rip his fucking head off, and shove his dog’s head up his arse!

Why do people let dog off a lead when they know that they are undisciplined and will not respond to commands? I know that Obi would not fully come to me when I ask, so as you can gather I always keep him on a lead, the escapade of him on the main road darting too and fro is still firmly in my head, I really thought I would lose him back then and it was all fresh in my head again as that ungrateful owner decided that his dog was ok to be off the lead.

Well even more weeks have transpired and still no blog oh! Well, I have been a busy bee, and I have been doing things like a visit to a secret nuclear bunker in the Essex countryside with Tommy two wheels and my little bro Glen, at the same time as the S.N.B there was a military show going on as well, it cost £7 to attend lots of things to see, but really was it really worth all that money? Well to answer that NO! in fact you had to pay another £5.50 to visit the S.N.B on top of the seven quid, don’t get me wrong, the money is donated to the Help the Hero’s fund, something I have already done with the Rebel smugglers for a patch for my cut off.

But it was a great day, lots of dressing up as well as serving soldiers walking around, not full timers mind you most if not all looked like T.A except for one Para, who looked like he was 3rd Para, who are mostly S.F. after 4years of service, but what a good photographic opportunity as well, lots of Germans or men pretending to be German’s with authentic uniforms, with some really neat tanks, jeeps, land rovers normal and S.F. A trader was selling softball as well as deactivated weapons brens, pistols, sub’s and ak47’s the widow makers.

Tommy 2 wheels made a remark, saying this must take you back, yes it did, all I can say is thank god I did not hear the stand too order, I would have been like a headless chicken lol.

Now the S.N.B was an interesting one, not what I expected, now walking to this place you would never think that it was nothing more than what it is a small cottage deep in the Essex forest as you can see from the photos.

You are greeted by the Essex for of Brownie special forces, taking your money with beady eyes a warm smile and giving a massive green wand that talks as you walk along the very long cold corridor for your decent into the Essex underground war rooms.

One thing that hits you as you descend is the cold its quite cold there, the wand tells you that it would have been warm if it was full with its full assortment of people around 6000 officers, MP’s and various tecks, as well as the BBC, could you imagine that broadcast?

Dear people of the UK you are screwed but we are ok, were locked up in a S.N.B unless you’re a complete Narcissist or Orphan, who would want to be in there with another 5999 people when all your loved ones are facing extinction outside?

I thought it was a bit cheeky asking for £5 to take photos thought in my defence I did not see the poster asking for this and continued to take photos, well lets face it for someone who is sick as I am and on dole money I think that £12.50 is more than a decent donation to the H.T.H

For some reason going to these shows always mean you have to spend a fortune on drinking and eating, chips £2.50 (frozen chips as well) and £1 for a can of coke, its like hotel prices, next time we go to something like that we better take a picnic as well…