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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

On the Road again at last

Well, its nearly the happy season as I have always called it and it starts with my birthday 22nd September, as a kid and teenager, this has always been my fav time of the year, from sorties to the Glinnifer brays and lakes to Yule, I become more excited but now the excited ness is less, but still I feel the drawing of the shorter days longer nights coming upon me, like a long lost friend I take comfort in the long drawn evenings, things feel more clear, my birth the joy of Halloween, Guy Faulks, Yule and the new year, then January cold, damp and windy, and even in this dark period there is much to do and see, I love Astronomy and have my dedicated telescope, summer is all fine and good but dark sky’s is almost as useful as a worn out spanner.

Well an update on my bike, finally Tom has had the plate done, which is great, I so want to get back on the saddle after my fall, like my granddad told me when I fell of my bicycle when I was the tender age of 7 years old he put me back on and told me keep going, I did and that attitude has stayed with me through life.

I do admit that I am a bit apprehensive in taking the corner that I had my fall from but for once I will head in the opposite direction and go to Epping forest’s high beach biker tea room for a change in direction though there are some quite tricky corners along the way, I think or hope so anyway that I have the right attitude when it comes to riding a bike, and that’s to go at my own pace and not the pace of say a car driver, who in some ways has more road control than a bike, after all the main break on a bike is the front and as we all know bikes skid and slide if you’re a bit slap happy with the front brake.

Well Mum, Tom and lil bro Glen and Tara turned up at the door as I was chatting to a few friends on chat room, the normal thing is turn everything of and get the kettle on, don’t know if that’s just me or what, but I find the first line of being a good host is making sure your guests are well looked after and tea is always a good start.

Glen got tore into the bike fixing the plate and foot rest, in next to no time it was done, gingerly sliding the key into the ignition slowly turning the key the neutral’s green glow showing that its in deed in the right gear, pressing the start button the bike purr’s into life, that slow rumbling purr, showing my bike even after all the falls is still going strong.

Tom bless him, took me to the doctors to get my prescription being in the middle of a village means that the nearest pharmacy is actually in my doctors 2 miles up the road in Hatfield Heath.

I’m moved to actually put a video camera on my bike, I would like to take my blogging to the next level, for some reason I feel that its important to keep a video blog, well in a way is more easy than just writing and of course taking pictures of the journey.

My plan is to go to Epping but behind me is the niggling feeling that in order to put the crash behind me is to take that same route and over come what took me of the bike in the first place, I must admit my nerves are playing me up, scared maybe, off putting defiantly the fear of falling from the bike again and doing more damage to my ribs, is firmly in my mind at the moment.

I have been going though some scenarios in my head, when I come upon the corner stop at the side of the road and take a picture of it then proceed again al be it very slowly, the words of Brutail firmly in my mind go at your own pace not the pace of others.

To be honest I’m trying to give my self reasons not to go out today thinking I feel a bit under the weather, had a lousy sleep last night Zak keeping us up, it was very hot and humid last night and both me and Fox had very little sleep and during the night my pain killers wore of, and I am feeling sore not on the ribs but my arm is painful. I think I’m just looking for reasons not to go on the bike, and yet I know it was me to blame, being old and no confident is no excuse not too, but still I wait till the rush hour is over and let my tablets kick in and see how I feel.

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