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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

My first ride since the crash

Well look at the date its 999, for those that don’t know the British emergency service number well that’s it, lucky I did not see that or I would never have took my bike out, I’m very superstitious concerning these things!

Well now as most know I had a crash last week that really screwed my bike good and proper, a new foot plate or repaired well I got it repaired for the princely sum of one crate of beer. A bargain in my mind, and thank you so much for doing it Kenny you’re a star.

Well, all morning I been putting it of getting on to the saddle and taking to the road, my mind conjuring up all sorts of excuses and reasons to leave it a day, the black bodywork of Athena sitting there, wanting to go, I ponder and muse my thoughts trying desperately to give me a reason to put if off, my granddad standing beside me in spirit, his wisdom and smiling face telling me I am in control of my bike and the road not the other way around.

10am comes the road falls silent and only the sound of the birds singing fighting over the food I have left for them, still my troubled mind tries in vain to stop me, I start to pack my tank bag for my little road trip, I decide I will do no more than 10miles in and around the back roads in Sheering and Much Haddam stopping along the road to take a few photos of Athena.

Well, I let her warm up for a few moments before, I kick her into first gear, I can feel the tank bag press into the front of my pelvis, it feels nice but I am a bit worried after all its attached by magnets and two clips at the handle bar.

Gingerly moving forward to the Street, which is the main road through Sheering, the road is empty except for cars parked outside the village store, she moves off, kicking into Second, third and forth gear, she purrs along the Street, no cars around, I notice that the wing mirrors need adjustment I can’t really see what’s behind me, as I approach Hatfield Heath I pull over to make the proper adjustments to both mirrors, feeling satisfied that I have made the right adjustments I carry on, down into the traffic free lanes that surround Sheering and Matching, I end up at Matching green and the pond, and come back to the Street towards home, feeling quite chuffed that I over came my trepidation and no accidents or anything I feel that if I do different routes on a daily basis.

I will be ready for the trip to Hatfield Forest and over come that bend, some of the corners that I did today were just as sharp as the one that made me fall from the bike, I think I have learn that going at my own pace is far better than the pace of others, after all I’m only a learner!

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