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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Epping Highbeach and the biker hut

Well its my birthday today a whole 45 years of me *laugh yeah I know I should be sitting doing the garden like most semi retired men but nope not me, I celebrated my birthday with a planned trip to Epping High Beach, or the bikers rest, not knowing if actually anyone would be there, I did leave a message on my Essex buddies group on , and invited anyone to come along and say hi, but seems my friends on bikerbook were at work or just busy doing something else, but I did not let that put me of from going I just wanted to say I been there, done that and got the tee shirt well actually no tee shirt but I did get a really nice tea from the hut for only 75p and a decent cuppa it was, in fact it was a well supplied little hut, sold everything to sandwiches and burgers, thought nothing much for a veggie, ooh well you cant win all the time.

Now getting there was not easy, even thought I had a sat-nav what a load of shit for one, I could not see that damn thing and it was way down in my tank bag, I think I have to find a way of attaching it to my handle bars, and because I could not find any sigh posts to High Beach, I was going up and bloody down the high street, until, I asked for directions from a little old lady (yeah I’m a guy and yes I do ask for directions, the reason being, I’m modern in contact with my feelings of being totally stupid nuff said)

The journeys there was a bit hit and miss, I did take several wrong turns, which lead me to god’s knows where, but I took the bull by the horns and told my self its an adventure yeah a fucking adventure lucky I filled up with petrol before I headed towards Roydon, and go to Epping via the back door so to speak.

The roads are a mixture of 30mph – 50mph thought some of the bends in the national speed limit are quite tricky but, I just kept an eagle eye open for tight bends which there was many from Roydon to Epping, but I totally enjoyed myself in fact so much so I took a wrong turning and ended up on some god forsaken back B road, I liked this stop, the wind was whistling thought the small bushes, It was then I decided to put my visor up, it really needs changed and put my sun glasses on, god I was riding through the streets thinking that it was getting dark, I did not stop to think that I was wearing sun glasses when I had a stop just before I entered Epping, I took them of and realized that it was so bloody sunny, the wind can do that on a easy rider I have noticed now, it can get quite cold sitting up right on a seat face into the wind, I do admit that I prefer using my sun shades as apposed to visor.

After being totally lost and the sat-nav being no help at all, I should call it twat nav, that’s just what I am, I need a better way of watching the damn thing my tank bag is not the place for it.

So I get directions and head off into the sunset, I was nearly ready to give up and head back to Sheering, after all I did what I was planning to do, and that was get to Epping, but I pushed myself I really wanted to find High beach and with the Lady’s directions I found it with little or no trouble.

High Beach, well there it was and yes there was quite a few bikes as well, now making my way from Sheering to Epping most bikes I passed there was a nod of acknowledgement, but when I got to High beach well, no one wanted to talk, thought my bike was scrutinized right down to the spokes on the wheels, some even took a second glance after noticing the L plates, walking up to the hut and getting a nice strong brew tea, and at a reasonable price I might add its all good.

I stay for no more than 30 mins dump the paper/plastic cub in the bin, and put my gear back on, start Athena back up and I stall, a few snigger from the harden bikers, I curse myself for doing this after all, I have done over a 135 miles so far.

I leave the hut well behind and get totally lost trying to get out of high beach, in the end I take a different rout out of Epping and head to Harlow, via one of the A roads, for the first time I hit 60mph, it was scary and yet felt good, the wind was buffing me like mad, I still had my shades on, and at times I could feel my helmet lift up, but still I kept on going, before I know it I can see Harlow town in the distance, taking a turning to the right, knowing that, I have yet took another wrong turn, I go down this single track, and for some reason end up on a Cycle path, some guy keeps looking back at me, then it dawns on me it’s a path way for walkers and cyclists ooh shit I think to myself if the old bill comes I will surely get a few points on my Provisional, going so slow, I was able to keep well behind the worried cyclist, I slowly over take and eventually find the road again which leads to old Harlow.

It feels like a life time till I find the B 183 to Sheering again, but when I do, I feel that I am going quite fast between 40-50mph, by this point I feel I just want to get home, my throat is so dry, and Zak wants a piss no doubt.

All in all my road trip took a good few hours I started out at 10am did not get back till 3:15pm, I wish there was more road sighs to High beach I felt that I was on the road a bit too long, but you live and learn and being a novice biker well you just got to make mistakes, its how you handle hurdles is what matters.

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