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Monday, 26 October 2009

Tommy Two Wheels

Well its been a while since I last blogged, I been that busy with just about everything, I got the flu lucky for me its not that Piggy thing well I hope its not, people with a bad heart it can be a killer.

I found Neverwinters nights again, well it never left me but I got so bored with World of warcraft, I joined a RP server only that no RP was forthcoming and going back to NWN was a good thing, although most of the people that I had known have since moved off to other things how time turns, in a way quite sad, and yet just yesterday I bumped into Two people from way back we just chatted for ages, did a bit of hunting and found that one is now in the Artic Circle, god that’s cold brrr.

Well today I’m going on a ride out with Tom my step dad, I’m looking forward to it, I ain’t got a clue as to where we are going but I’m sure it be nice, maybe even stop of for a cuppa tea along the way like bikers do? My only wish is Glen my little brother gets it together and join us sometime soon, thought I feel the weather is changing for the worse, its getting colder and colder as each day goes by, as fox pointed out the red robins are greedily eating what food they can get there beaks around, I have even had to chase one out of the conservatries on a number of occasions, little rascal, he so nice, I was able to pick him up and took him to the food tree that we regularly put up fat balls, seeds etc for them to gorge on.

I gave up smoking well I try to give up smoking some days are better than others, well I have been finding it quite difficult for one reason or another, so in order to combat the addiction I have decided to play the guitar again, my problem is its so out of tune, and I ain’t got a clue how to tune the damn thing, I might have to take a trip to Argos just to get a electronic tuner, that way I will learn a few tunes.

Now music is the food of the Soul so I’m told, but what to learn on the guitar is anyone’s guess, I like so much music that some of it is just not right to play, I am not going to play baba black sheep that’s for fucking sure!

I was wondering if I should give my self-lessons you know see a teacher or just get a book and DVD to do my own lessons and teach myself like so many other people do… what do you think?

Well I went out on my ride out with Tommy Two Wheels, and its amazing, he knows these roads like the back of his hand, I like his bike a Honda Rebel, talk about low down, its even lower than the Gilera, which was amazing, I was able to keep up, not that my bike is faster than TTW I think he was keeping well into the speed limit on my behalf, so I would not get lost, in the back roads around Sheering Harlow and where ever we were, he told me this used to be his old Milk round from many years ago, the roads were narrow in places, some of the roads were in such poor condition at one point, I took off the road, lucky Athena did not have wings or I’d fly past TTW on the road, hell yeah that be fun a flying bike, we did around 30miles our speed never going over 55mph, some of the bends quite tight and sharp, I handled it well, I just fallowed TTW, speed for speed and watched how he took the corners, I can learn a lot from that youthful Biker.

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