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Friday, 11 September 2009

Harlow MAG

11thSeptember 2009

Before I start, my sympathy and respect to America on this day.

Well how did my first MAG meeting go? Well for a start, I think I can safely call my self a Muppet why! The reason being I never look close enough, and go off on a tangent and make myself more work than I should do.

Well Thursday night 8pm I set off for the Crown, which the Harlow MAG says is biker friendly well it was like 8 years ago, by then its changed hands and the Harlow MAG no longer uses the venue for its meetings.

Still I went up and down the B 183 like a fucking YoYo, in the pitch dark, one thing that I found quite scary is the use of High beams on car’s, there are too many twats who like to use high beams, right in my face, which blind me for a few seconds, I would like to avoid those situations as much as possible, my speed I kept really slow not going over 40mph, some of the bends on that road are quite sharp one in particular is a right turn that branches of to Sawbridgeworth the corner is tight and for some reason is always wet.

Now I could not make up my mind which Crown pub the meet was in the maps they give are confusing, about 1.5miles from my Vailima there is a crown and my little bro say lots of motorbikes parked out there, and from the first map it looks like its just down the road, so I head there, park up there is a bike there already but it turns out it belongs to the bar man, no one has heard of the MAG before, so I decide it must be on the other map which means the MAG meets in old Harlow on Market street, so I head out into the darkness and after a few wrong turns I find Market street by accident really.

Like a prune I wait outside hoping and praying that some bikes will come and park beside me, but to no avail thinking that maybe I again have made a mistake I phone the fox, and ask her to have a look at the Harlow MAG website see if I got the right place.

Well I did get the right place unfortunately the website had not been updated for nearly 6 years Doe! And unfortunately they are no longer there, in fact MAG are looking for a area rep now, and the nearest MAG group is in Colchester 15miles down the road who meet on a Thursday at 5:30pm.

So looks like I going to have to do a few trips to Colchester to get familiar with the area, and hopefully join the local MAG group there, but just in case I email them first to let them know I’m coming lol.

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