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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I have finally found a MCC in Harlow yipee

Well it’s Monday now, and yesterday was umm yeah Sunday well today was a good day for me; I actually found an active Biker club in Harlow. Yay I hear ya scream, no more running up and down the B 183, well actually I still have to do that journey, that’s the price to pay for village life as opposed to Town or City life.

Not that city or town living is bad, just I, or should I say we, me and fox have done that, got the tee shirt, Essex, London, Sussex then back to Essex this time we should settle down now- too much moving is not good for me.

Well, I do have to thank fox for showing me the way to the Mcc. I did not have a clue as to where Abercrombie road is in Harlow; apparently its near mum’s and Toms. And how right she was. A little off from the main road that circles the town centre, by the water gardens, leaving the Asda behind a bundle of traffic lights and a swift left turn and there you are; car-bunga there yee are.

Its only 5pm, and I’m feeling like a nervous schoolboy going to a disco for the first time by myself. And I still have like an hour and a half before I will do the ride to the Mcc. I think I will make a quick dinner tonight, there are so many butterflies in my tummy. God I wish I was more confident in these settings, but in fairness I think I handled it well. Feeling all self conscious- I circle the hut that I think is holding the meeting like a shark. Eventually I see a line up of mc’s, looking in my direction, and suddenly feel a wave of self-consciousness, hoping I don’t end up falling off as I approach, and look like a complete prat.

Well a little more about the Harlow 70s MCC was formed in 1974, the club has its own hut, which is adorned with pictures of bikes and a massive Ogri drawing. I have yet to understand the significance of this character but I know most bikers like and love him, with his winged helm, thought I understand that he is appearing in the next issue of BSH.

The hut is on the large side - in anticipation of a large posse of bikers, with the main room, with a pool table having ample seating for at least 40 bikers. But on this night there were around 12 of us, in and around the small-hatched area, which was the kitchen Cups of tea were steaming on the serving hatch, eager fingers curling around the cups. Fellow bikers trucked out to the car park, my bike being inspected, by one with a torch. Seems my bike is a good one though the wheels could do with a clean. Hmm yes, we know where that mud came from… but that’s another story.

Most of the bikers including myself spent the first hour standing outside waiting for any stragglers coming but after 30 mins it feels like every one that’s coming to the club has arrived, I have just been about introduced to everyone, thought names escape me, which if any of you are reading this, I’m bloody old ya know, my brains not as sharp as it used to be lol.

But what a night it was, the topics of conversation was just about anything, the warmth that the members showed to each other was great, you could be for given saying that it’s a club but in actual fact it felt like one big family, which all have its characters, saints and sinners, but one thing they did do was made me feel welcomed.

And that I thank them for, I told them that finding the Mcc was hard in fact I spent quite some time trying to find a link to any Harlow Group, it was by chance that I found there place via the Cernunnos website, which is a handy site for all MCC’s the country over.

I have included there web page if you fancy a look at both Harlow 70s Mcc ..

And of course Cernunnos website….

If you have some time please visit both particularly if your in the Essex area, the Harlow 70s are looking for new members and I guarantee you will not be disappointed and guess what you see me lol, what more of a reason do you need.

Nuff said!

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