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Monday, 14 September 2009

Knebworth classic bike show

Well I have finally gone to my first classic bike show, and what a day out it was, and we are called the Harlow Hogs!

The group comprising of Tommy Two Wheels, Gunner Glen and me Bootlace Al!

The show was held at Knebworth House 29 miles north of London off the A1(M) at Stevenage, Tommy two wheels knows all the roads in and around London/Essex so well he could do it blindfolded, I would have loved to go on Athena but little bro Glen is still waiting to do his CBT,

thought I got to admit some of the roads to Knebworth are a bit tricky lots of bends thought that did not stop quite a lot of classic bikes over taking us along the route, many a Norton roaring by as we approached the classic bike show.

It took no more than 30 mins to get there from Vailima Sheering, we all had a good chat talking musing and thinking about bikes like we were some sort of nostalgic bikers, Tommy 2W spend some time reminiscing about his days on a Norton, his mind being drawn back to when he was a teenager imparting his knowledge and tails of daring and road savvy.

The entrance price was £7.50 each not bad for a really decent day out, lots of bikes and lots of stalls selling every thing you could imagine for a bike some of the stuff looked really nice but totally unsafe like the helmets

I saw I was so tempted to buy one to use on Athena but decided not when I gave it a closer look, the clasp was to say the least poor construction and a devil to actually clip together in fact I was unable to do it up, it was that fiddly and a close inspection of the helmet its self showed that the material was flimsy next to the helmet I already have, so if your ever found yourself in front of a stall like this DON’T BUY THE HATS THEY ARE NOT GOOD.

I also found that there is a bike much better looking than any Harley I saw there and there were lots of Harleys today in fact there was so many I could not make up my mind till I saw the Honda Valkyrie, what a wonderful bike big, bad and totally gorgeous 1520cc of pure power, I just had to get a picture of the Engine, what chrome it was so shiny that you could see me kneeling in front of the silver bike of pure power.

Some more unusual bikes were there as well, one from the GPO General post office and some strange white racing bike with a skull and cross bones

which was a favourite one of mine just for the sheer unusualness of it.

It was not all classic bikes many bikes were modern and up to date, nice in they’re own ways, Gunner Glen loves Ducati’s and could not resist having his picture next to the best one he saw that day, Me I was a Harley man till I saw the Honda Valkyrie sitting there.

The food on offer during the day was good, lots of stalls selling every thing from chips to burgers, thought they were pricey a portion of Chips was £3 which is very expensive I wonder how much the pitch was for the day? It could not have been that much but I will stand corrected next classic bike show

I go to I will be a stall holder my self, I have noticed something that is lacking at these type of meetings and at the moment I am in the thinking stage of things but soon I will put my plans to action, and get on the band wagon if at all possible.

All in all what a great day out, good company, good food, great bikes and lots of fellow bikers pondering and auguring over bikes a great day had by all.

Want to see more head over to my facebook page i got 136 pictures from the day out leave comments if you can that be nice thanks.

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