The Crows nest!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Some days are better than others.

For the past week I been waking up pain free and happy to go on long walks with Obi, but this morning was the first time in over a week, I felt like someone had jumped up and down on my leg and hip, it takes a fair amount of time to get moving, lucky Obi just wants to cuddle up this morning its been raining, even he don’t like the rain must be all that hair on my hippy dog.
Even thought I pay very little or no attention to the news, but one cannot escape the films, Photo’s and commentary of the doomed passenger ship Costa Concordia, some people likened it to the Titanic.
Well there is a few flaws with that assumption, the Titanic a lot more died and the captain went down with his ship, the Captain of the CC buggered off with his first mate and other officers, there is a word for that its called COWARD! The moment Captain Edward John Smith knew the Titanic was doomed his words were Woman and Children first, accepting his fate and going down with the Titanic.
To make the assumption that the CC was in any way like the Titanic is wrong it gives the false idea that the captain was a man of honour, he is nothing less than a COWARD and has brought disgrace to himself and his family.
I just got my application for a bus pass today from my doctor, this will open up so much for me knowing that I might have no money but I will be able to get around a lot more than just having to sit in the house all the time and I can take Obi with me so looking forward to this coming now, and a special thanks to a tireless working in the family Tom has been a complete star helping me so much, thank you so much.
I kind of like doing book reviews, I have a book coming very soon a cheap one for no less than £4 second hand from Amazon and it’s a hard back book as well I love hardback it feels more posh than paper back, the book in question is; Abducted: The true story of Alien Abduction in Rural England.
I got the conformation email this morning so all goes well it will come tomorrow or the day after, and maybe next week I will do a review of it,, I have seen some video's of the woman on YouTube and must admit I am quite looking forward to it, I do like witness testimony being a people watcher I can usually tell if they are telling fibs, though some of the video is rather dark but still I believe her all the same.
I still plan on going on a cupcake course sometime in the new year, but just waiting for a few things like dates hopefully a weekend and of course Money, but I foresee that might be a still a long term plan even after the summer or beginning of Autumn.
But all is not um lost, I plan to go to one of the shows in Cambridge at the Mumford Theatre on 29th of May, the ticket might only cost a £10 but I can get a bus all the way there and back
(depending on if I get my bus pass?) I am looking forward to meeting Richard D Hall for the first time, he is one man who knows what it’s all about, the lies of government, disclosure, false flag terror and of course UFOs. So if your free on May 29th come and join me for a great day out.
Well its Thursday and Fox will be home soon, and the start of our weekend, we are very short on cash, I have a drawer full of old phones I plan to take to carphone ware house and see if I can get some money for them, its been one of those months when a lot of bills come out. Something strange happened on the 19th of January 2012 at 5:35pm walking my dog I saw a very bright Orange Light in the sky I used my video and narrated it rather well, the video is above what do you think it is? There might be inflation every where, and prices going up for shopping but wages or the earnings of Joe Public is as bad as ever, why is it the fault of people just living life that have to suffer for the actions of others, that is what its all about you know.
I have been trying to expand the range of my scanner a GRE PSR-295 Scanner for some time now, I have been looking at getting my hands on some website that shows you how to make a decent Die Pole for as little as possible, but so far I have had little luck
I keep meaning to join a radio ham group for some time but its one of those things I keep putting off, in some ways I just cant be arsed starting up friendships, or going thought the dilemma of trying to get on with people all over again.


  1. I watched the video of the strange light ... I have never seen anything like it before so found it really interesting. I think you get on with people really well and joining the radio ham group would be good fun for you, I do understand what you mean about wether or not you can be bothered though!! I also agree 100% about the captain of the ship, he is a first rate coward and the captain of the Titanic ..... a true captain to the very end.
    Another fine blog, which I would love to share with my FB friends too. xx

  2. Thank you Anni your a star, I think my reticence is to do with the fact that me and Fox plan to move again at sometime, thought I do think it will be in this neck of the woods.

    The video has had a fair amount of response on my UFO network, and of course my favourite Forums.
    And thank you for sharing my blog hugs to you and family xxxx