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Saturday, 14 January 2012

The walkers tail 4

I and Obi are getting around as each week goes by we are finding new places to explore in our little bit of the Essex countryside, one day if this nice weather keeps up I plan to walk to Sawbridgeworth which is if you go by the tracks and down back lane is only around 4miles distant.
I keep forgetting you can use the Google maps to get all the field access routes, so sometime this week I will actually plan the course, and with the spring just around the corner I plan to take my boy to Gibbards Gardens which is only about a mile away but the road is terrifying as there is no pavement as you pass the bridge over the M11 Motorway.
I don’t normally do book rating, even thought I am a reader but most of the books I have are just paranormal and UFOs and mysteries but one book has got me thinking a lot, so I do a review of it, simply because its such a good book but I must warn you its about Animal Mutilations and is very gory and in a way a very scary and hidden affair. The book is important simply because I intend to do my own investigations since I spend a lot of my time walking Obi over the fields etc.
I will not copy or put pictures of Mutilated animal on my blog, for one I know some children actually read my blog and its in very sad to see such things anyway. KILLERS on the MOOR. By Mike Freebury. The front cover shows a picture of one of the Dartmoor Pony’s that was mutilated its bleached white skull looking towards its tail.
Its not a difficult book to read, I can read a book from cover to cover in a day or two usually but this one well so far its took just over two weeks. Why! I spend only 40minutes before I go to bed to read the book, and read about 2 of its chapters, and ponder and think about what the investigator is trying to bring across to me the reader. In all there are 49 chapters some ranging for a page and a half to a few pages at most, there are some pictures mostly of a gory nature and well Animal Mutilation is a serious affair, not a book to read over your Breakfast, dinner or supper it really is very graphic in the depiction of the poor sheep, pony’s and other wildlife, that some have wounds that are very similar in size and missing the same type of organs, heart, liver, ears, tongues, and rectal cores, very sick indeed.
I particularly like the way the Mr Freebury can take you with him on his nightly vigils with his friend and constant watch companion Dave, you can almost feel the chill in the air, the smell in the boot of his Silver Jaguar car the weeks that it took to get the smell out, and I for one can relate to an extent with that, Fox dropped a whole two mugs of Latté, in our wagon and for months afterwards it smelt like someone took a shit in the car, we could not get rid of the smell till we got our new Mercedes, all hot drinks are now banned. You are guided into an area of darkness, the mind can little comprehend, and it is so hidden even the media have lied blaming the likes of Pagan and Satanists or even natural predators, well if a predator like a fox can do such damage, we should be worried they have more skill than a modern day surgeon working in a hospital. The pictures clearly show you the wounds hence no dinner please, and one of the greatest mysteries of it is? NO BLOOD is ever found! I shit you not, no blood is ever found the animal is completely drained of its life force if it was a predator surely there would be blood splatter from the biting and tearing of flesh? You can almost feel his frustration, dealing with the law and DEFRA, and it beggars the question who or how did they know the name of the VET doing his Autopsies?
There is a shadow growing over this was his phone hacked well if the papers can do it, then so do the government agents, those shadow men those men in Black or MIBs are watching his every move. But several questions remain unanswered is WHO is doing it?
And for what reason is it being done. There is an agenda being worked out in the English countryside, a place of outstanding beauty. One thing is for sure there is something at work, in our land taking cattle without consent, and little or no regard for the wealth fare of the poor creatures being abducted. If you are into the UFO phenomenon, then I would highly recommend this book very well written by someone who has actually been there and is still going there to this day, it’s comforting to know that there are some people out there willing to take this on at any cost. One thing the book has left me wanting to do my bit in documenting such things but where do you start? I sent an email to the APFU (Animal Pathology Field Unit) asking what type of equipment I could use. I am still waiting for a response, but I did ask in the RichPlanet forum for some guidance and I got it 12 hours later so what do I need to do an investigation? A Camera, Video, Ruler, specimen bottles, a hobby knife and tweezers, and a syringe I also have an EMF meter from my ghost hunting days which will come in handy, Mike actually used one on one of the sheep and he got a reading. So it feels I have most of the equipment I would need to do my own investigations, not that AM is something that is always going on, well not in this neck of the woods, but one must remain vigilant at all times, and since I tend to spend a massive amount of time walking Oberon over the fields, I should at least attempt to play a part.

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