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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothers day

It’s mothering day, and this is possibly the hardest blog I have ever done, my own mother passed away to the world of spirit little over 3 years ago.

Not wishing to put a dampener on anyone else’s celebration of life and the closeness we all feel to our beloved mothers, I find myself in reminiscence of past memories of her, some times funny supportive and was always there.

My earliest recollection of her was one December day I was no more than 5 years old well just about over 40 now have since passed but its forever etched in my mind.

We had just come from a toy shop mums arms were full of toys for me and my cousins, the buses were not working that day thick snow laid upon the ground, it was slippy but, I was taken by the soft white stuff and played around on it mum was for ever telling me to keep up she wanted to get back home, before she froze to death, as we crossed the road, on to the pavement to cut across the little park, on one side the large tenement building on the other Hillside cemetery, the snow was flattened by lots of people walking across it as a short cut.

Running to my mum’s side just to see her slip high into the air, the presents scattered to the four winds, I could not contain myself and nearly laughed my head off, she got so angry at me she kicked the presents and stormed off, only to stop 40ft away, turn and telling me to shut my face up or else.

Years pass, I have grown up, I have joined the Army, its 1982 I am bound for distant lands to fight, for what I believed was right and just, I remember her face etched in pain as I walked away my bag over my shoulder, friends and family hung to her, the tears, fear and wanting me to just come home and not go.

It will be a year before I go back home, I sent letters every month letting her know I was ok, and some money to keep her going.

As I rounded the street, with the same bag over my shoulder, but now I am on a crutch I got shot I never told her, I could not worry her or let her know her only child was wounded.

Imagine my surprise to find in the time I had gone I had a sister Nicola, the gift of a wonderful and my little sister.

Happy Mothers day to you all, and where ever you are Mum I still love and miss you xxx


  1. that was a very touching post!we take our moms way too much for granted.I have been fighting with mine for days for no apparent reason.and today i completely forgot all about it being mothers day.:(

  2. There was times we fought like a cat and dog, but towards the end I known something was wrong with her, for the last week of her life I took those photos they mean a lot to me its all I have to remember her by.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond Lucy

  3. Very awesome story:)
    It so great that you got those pics

  4. It sounds like you had a nice relationship with her. very nice story. You scared me for just a second! I thought I forgot about 'mother's day."'s not until May here...

  5. Sorry Pat our Mothers day is March 14, our calender is a little different from yours but have a good mothers day when it arrives :)

    Yes I'm glad I got the pictures when I did, I had photos took of the funeral but decided not to include them on this blog this time.

  6. Awh that's nice!!! So was i a nice surprise? hehehe

  7. Wondering when you would get here you minx xx

  8. I saw you posted on my thread, thanks for checking me out.

    I'm so sorry this happened, my condolences. What a beautiful post <3

  9. Sorry to hear about that. Well, either way, great post, great blog, and...everything just great!

    Starting to follow now :)