The Crows nest!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Am I fooling myself?

A day don’t go by that I wish I could do something exciting like cloud hopping since I got a massive field behind my house, and just jump across its vast expanse, no I’m not kidding there is a thing you can do its called cloud hopping.

And yes that is a bin being used as a ballon platform with a gas canister inside, both photos taken from the cloud hopper group i belong to.

When we were about to leave Brighton for Essex, we thought that we would at least make some money from the sale of our Patcham property but it was not to be, by then the recession kicked in and it kicked us in the balls (Literally talking if you don’t mind lol)

But it meant that I would have to put this adventure on hold, now I feel that it will never take hold, unless we sell our place which I am loathed to do, I love it here in the village.

So what’s our village like might you ask? Well it’s only got one shop, which is also a post office, off licence, bakery, confectioners and card shop, there’s a hairdresser, and a butcher as well as a small café.

Every day you see all the locals rush to get the rolls and uncut bread, that is delivered every morning at 7am prompt, unless of course its bloody snowing then it just might never arrive.

Well it feels that the cold weather is far behind us, but there is an old saying never cast clout till May is out, so although its sunny outside, its still quite chilly and mornings you can still see the frost on Athena my bike.

Well a little about Oberon and his continuing training or obedience classes, we are coming to his 4th lesson so far, there has been a little difference in his behavior and obedience he will come when asked as long as there is noting more distracting in front of his snout, which is all the time, birds, dog walkers, paper bags and family who come and visit us Uncle Glen, and Granddad Tom and Nan.

For some reason he loves to Chew Glen to bits, something that has to be addressed, poor sod comes to visit and spends what feels like ages trying to keep the little terror under control, as I dart out of the front room making tea and stuff.

Trying to gage my mood, it feels quite well low not in a depressed sense just low in a way of, well if I could put it in words I would say fed up with Twitter, I have over 114-115 followers and you can be as sure as hell only 3-8 will tweet back, it seems a lot of my followers are either robots, narrow minded or just plain stupid and working to there own agenda’s.

Now I’m one of those people who will use twitter to promote my own blog but I always have something to say, and if I see something that tickles my fancy I always respond or if its important enough re-tweet, I don’t ask for much but what I do ask for is some times people to take notice, but if they are indeed robots well they don’t have the presence of mind to do so do they?

For everything there is a solution, and I am coming to a realization that in order to reach more thru these pages, I must attempt to do a bit more work, maybe even throw out a lot of followers in twitter, so that I deal with what is important and what’s not!

I was able to get out on my bike a few days ago for 30 mins just a quick, round trip around my area, the first of the season is always the best most of my buddies tell me and they are right, but one thing that I did not count on was the frozen fingers god was that nasty, I feel I could have chewed my fingers of and would not have noticed the pain till an hour later, trying to put the key in the door when I got home was almost impossible with Obi standing there giving me the look.

During my ride I used a GPS Locator which actually records my trip out, massive I even took photos of the trip and one actually has me in it, there ya go even this old dog can learn new tricks, thought trying to get the camera to sit perfectly still pity there was so much undergrowth to deal with before I could take the picture ooh well hope you like my rout its fab and I mean fab getting out and about again after our long harsh winter.

Village Gossip:

Well not so much today in-fact the wait at the post office counter was very long! Having to wait in a queue of people just to pay a bill, and there is only one counter, staffed by Cogan who is such a nice guy but everyone wants to chat to him as well, so what should take no more than 2 minutes max takes 5 minutes cause he hears all the gossip, but nothing of interest today, just the usual moans and groans, from the older population of my little place called Paradise, deep in the Essex country side.


  1. LOL - the wheeley bin hot air balloon is amazing! Good for you and your mates!

    nice blog - I look forward to reading more! Thanks for following mine :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words Yolanda, Yeah I would never have guessed you could use a bin saves paying upto £2000 for a basket.