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Friday, 12 March 2010

embarrassing moment

I think we all have had an embarrassing moment once in our lifes, for me there has been a great many one that comes to mind and again this is a cemetery one like so many have had here.

I was no more than 14 years old, a close friend had passed a way in a tragic accident, his mother asked me to be a pall bearer, as well as several other chums of his, I took this as a great honor, our little group was that close, days passed, and I did not think to look at my clothing, always wearing Jeans and leather jackets and boots.

On the day of the funeral as promised i would help carry the body, Taking ages to find black trousers, the only ones I could find were a bit tight fitting, but still after much grunting and groaning I got them over my fat arse.

With some of my buddies we lift the coffin from the hearse, gingerly walking with the weight of the coffin and young body inside. we slowly walk to the grave side, the sniffing and sobs of many people, echo's in our ears.

Slowly with dignity we lower the coffin to the ground, placing it over the two sleepers that hang across the grave plot, as we stand silent and thoughtful we remember William as we had known him when he was alive.

At my feet the ropes that lower the coffin into the ground lay coiled at my feet, as the Priest finishes the sermon, we bend down to take hold of the rope, as I bend i hear a tearing sound, it drowns out the sobs from the gathered crowd, I stand there my face going bright red, I just ripped the arse out of my black trousers and to make matters worse, I did not have any underpants on!

For the first time ever, there was a hush at the grave side even Williams mother could not, fight back the laughter, I gave the Priest an eyeful, as well as lots of girls from our class room.


  1. firstly, very sorry about your friend.
    secondly, *chuckle*

    but i hope he would have actually liked that. perhaps it was the perfect send off?


  2. The priest didn't say something like, "the end is nearer than we think", did he?

  3. *Chuckles* No Larry he did not but I though he looked like a Red Indian, I have had instances of this all my life, Not unlucky but can put a smile on faces when it happens.

    William was a joker like me, I am quite sure he would have approved Try.

  4. i definately think that there should always try and be a little humour at a funeral to lighten the mood. unless its for someone like ur bank manager ggrrr.
    at my grandmas funeral she had asked for some soppy boyzone tune to be played when she went up for cremation (im saying this like its when you go up for communion!! oops) but instead we got nat king cole "lets face the music and dance" dont ask me how these got mixed up...but it was quite amusing.

  5. This is hysterical. I am sure your friend would have approved. Thanks for following me and I will be following you. You have an extremely nice blog.

  6. Thanks for the kind comment Fatuous, I like the mix up at your grand ma's Chanel In fact I like that song at mine haha, with me singing it!

  7. Haha, this is a hoot. Saw you in the coffee shop - so glad I popped by.
    Check out my dating disasters:
    *Plentymorefishoutofwater - One Man's Dating Diary*

  8. Glad you popped by Plenty I have visited your blog on a number of occasions great place, I can relate to so much stuff thats happened :)