The Crows nest!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


What a week that was, I been working hard on the blogger forum and I got a pay off, I have now got 13 followers lucky me, and so grateful as well to you all.

That aside lets get onto my daily blog or bi daily, just sometimes I have noting to say or cant think of anything to say is more to the point.
I took my bike out yesterday to get my medication, and looking like something out of a road trip movie, scared the local health care office shitless, thinking have I come to rob them with my helmet and glasses firmly stuck to my head, not mentioning the tight leather jacket and cut off, with all my patches on it.

A muffled good day from me, and I say I come to collect my prescription, for who the woman, looking me up and down with an air of suspicion, not quite knowing what to make of the small but well built man in front of her, my face hidden from view.

She starts to ask me lots of questions, like Name, place of birth, where I stay, My Doctors name, I slowly take off my helmet, and she recognises me as a regular visitor.

And gives me my medication with out anymore hindrance, its unfortunate but as a Biker I get this quite a lot, little do people know that bikers make up a large portion of the population of the United Kingdom.

But still there is a big bias towards bikers, from all types of establishments here on main land England, I have been asked to leave pubs cause of my leathers, patches and badges this is more common than you think, I have head of pubs actually phone the police simply because a small chapter (biker group) will pull up for a tea or coffee.

(not all bikers drink and drive most are responsible) its not hard work to ride a bike but it can be tiring on the arms, and for many reasons bikers use a lot more caution on the road, from dim witted and shameful car drivers pulling out on us.

We are expected to conform, but most bikers will not do this, having a bike is about freedom, feeling the wind on your body as you take a corner being close to all that surrounds you.

One biker from the rebels says a car drives the body but a bike drives the soul, those are very true words, one thing you will find with most bikers that if you pass another biker chances are you will nod to each other out of mutual respect; I have never seen that done in a car!

Ok we have the bad boy Image, and why not just because you wear leather smell of petrol, have a beard, don’t mean your bad I’m all those things but I would not go so far to say I’m a bad ass, I will stop for other bikers and help out if I see one by the road, one of the major flaws of bikers is they don’t fill up the tank quite enough.

Its easy to label someone on a bike, its easy to scapegoat a guy that does not conform to society norms, Wales has had this problem for a long time, the police pulling up bikers on a regular basis, some being arrested for nothing more than just being a biker, falsifying evidence, giving good hard working men and women a criminal record for just riding a bike.

Ok I’m not trying to paint a rosy picture of bikers I know there are people out there that flaunt the law and get up to lots of not so nice things, but compared to people that drive cars, they are a very small minority, and yet society still has a dim view of what a biker is?

Well for once and for all I will tell you what a biker is!
We are Human!


  1. thanks for the tour! A lot of nice looking bikes.

  2. I think your next blog should be about how to talk on the phone whilst drilling holes in walls!

  3. Yeah and it was a jig saw, those are louder than drills. thanks for the comment Pat I love bikes as well.