The Crows nest!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

just an update of sorts

Well then here I am its just gone 10:30pm, and I’m feeling a little happy no not happy satisfied in a strange sort of way, in the space of a day I have now got 5 followers including myself yeah I’m actually following myself now strange but true I’m my own doppelganger ok laugh I am.

I spent the past couple of hours watching Man U v A C Milan, I was half expecting Milan to dominate and crush Man U, well was I in for a shock, talk about a severe humping, Milan were ManU’s bitch tonight.

Even Arsenal did a fair bit of humping of Portal as well, considering what Porto did to Celtic in the European final; they got what they deserved, even if Eduardo is a diving diva.

I got to sign on Thursday morning, and see the disability officer, its been difficult to find a job that will take me on, ever since my heart attack employment has been so difficult, no one wants me no one will take a chance on me, so its with a brave heart that again I must make my own way, not that I’m overly bothered by this in fact, I have a plan, I’m not going to go too deep into explanations about whets in my head.

But what it means in a nut shell is I will be my own boss, and I got a public I can practice on, something that I feel is missing I will explain more as the weeks and months progress.

You know this little guy looks like butter would not melt in his mouth, but in fact he is so canny at getting treats and sampling just about any thing going in the house, he is trying so hard to get on to the table tops in the kitchen, lifting the lid of Fox’s drinking cup when she is in bed asleep.

Well since I’m going to Harlow tomorrow I might take my bike for a spin, I also got the doctors as well tomorrow got to pick up my prescription for the next month, so with my trip logger you all be able to see where I been, talk about big brother watching you, its mad.

One thing that’s been playing on my mind is Mothers day on Sunday not looking forward to it, my mum passed a way a few years ago, I think of her about this time it was her birthday only a few days ago, as pointed out by my sister, was thinking of getting foxy a mothers day card from Obi? Strange but then were strange people.

On a final note thank you all, for following me, I am grateful to you all, please do comment lets get to know each other a little more I do like to share and learn more of what makes you tick.


  1. I believe you can get mothers day cards from the pets. you can definately get valentines cards "from the dog". I don't think there is supposed to be a double entendre there, but each to their own!!

    what did you think to becks putting on the scarf at the end of the match? he got a standing ovation did he not?!

  2. Thanks for the kind words I think I will do just that Fox would never think of such a thing maybe put a photo of Obi on the front.

  3. ****

    or you can't beat a homemade one. stamp his paw on as a kiss!

  4. Thanks for the Ideas you lot I got a picture I would like to use, I like the Idea of a paw mark.

    As for Becks it was a good move on his part was interesting hearing the Man U fans asking Ferguson to sign him back.