The Crows nest!

Friday, 12 March 2010

I keep finding my self drawn to my bike, its getting to that time of year, when my fingers get Itchy and want to grip my handle bars and fire her up, and head out onto the open road, but for some reason the weather can conspire against me, and it rains, snows and yep even hail stones all in the space of 6 weeks.

Shock and horror I noticed that my exhaust has rust on it, I will never live the shame of it if any of my fellow Rebel smugglers ever find out I let my bike get in that state, yes I covered her but for a brief time I let her have her cover off and it snowed rained hailed and just about anything god could throw at her, still she started first time and my god did she go when I took her out for a spin last week, so from today I keep promising myself to give her a good wash and polish.

But for the moment I just think about it, yeah I’m a lazy sod, but it takes training to do that. I remember once I was to lazy to put out a candle in my bedroom fell asleep, and woke to find my dresser in flames, such as life Lucky for me I had a live saver next to me a 2lt bottle of coke to dowse the flames of stupidity.

This week I would say has clicked in a way that has left me with a smile that would make evangelist worry, must be an Adams thing we can do that to people we don’t smile well not that often but when we do, it’s a sort of mix between Charles Manson and that creepy guy, in the buy my gold adverts on telly.

Since Spring is in the air, its time to do the garden for the summer you know cut this trim that tidy that shed up, but really I cant be arsed by it all, thought I have planted all my seeds for our new to be veg plot at the side of the tavern which need a good old clean but I get to that sometime soon I think, this year I am going for the usual pumpkins for Halloween and Onions I use so much in cooking, And lots of bags of Potatoes my stable diet of Chips roast pots and of course mash, this year I will have 3 different varies of potato, then there is carrots sweet corn and melons I love melons big juicy round melons mmmmm.

But I have to do the veg plot first even though a few of the seeds are starting to grow in the mini pots, if I have to I transplant them to a bigger container, this year I am giving garlic a miss, its so easy and cheep to buy in a supermarket but I am undecided still, might take a trip to the Harlow garden centre near the A12 and see what it has to offer.

I am finding this computer that I do my blog on a very old dinosaur being powered by pterodactyls (Pentium4 1gig Ram 85gig hd, and a graphics care that came out of a cereal box) I’m not one for change but this computer I feel is slowly getting to its last legs, which means all my important documents and pictures are in danger of being lost forever. I keep promising myself a new computer but money is so tight, I would be better of robbing the local church mice, they got more than me.

Funny as it seems my notebook has more power than this old thing but still its familiar to me I know my way around its large keyboard even thought the letters on the key board have long since disappeared from its face, just shows how much I have used it.

And as I talk about it I think of all the stuff I have done, Baldur’s gate, Neverwinters nights, world of warcraft, nights watching movies, on Yahoo talking to all and sundry all over the world well mostly America, the things its done been and gave to me, when its gone, it be like losing an old friend.

It was and still is my window to the world outside, Times we both froze together, simply because I kept it in a place that was so cold I had to sit on a chair wrapped in a sleeping bag with a hot water bottle at my feet to keep warm, still the computer worked like a dream always cold never hot, but never let me down, so its fitting that as I notice these little things that its time to save up and replace it.


  1. lol aww, time to go computer shopping!
    My computer crashed in highschool, i was devastated. EVERYTHING was on it.
    I probably cried.
    nice, dragonfly pic to btw

  2. Thanks gigi, yeah I am lucky I got one of those big external hd so going to move my pics, video and docs tomorrow, just in case it blows up on me.