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Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year Eve

Well its fast approaching and so is a rather shitty weather front, I had just finished Obi first morning walk from Hove beach front to the Marina at the bottom of Whitehawk estate i do get so carried away with the beautiful sea, the waves crashing on to the rocks below, its so loud and natural.
All other sound traffic, voice and Amusements are drowned out completely its only you the sea and the passing seagulls who know the sea's melody, many years ago I would choose these times to stand by the shore the wind howling around me and some times scream, cry and sing my heart out, only you sea and seagulls, well now I have to add Obi he woofs into the wind.

Its only 9:30pm and I am feeling fed up its cold and wet outside and I really want to go out but am I being harsh on Obi? I know the boy would fallow me to hell and back, and I cant think of anyone better than him at this time to celebrate a new begging than my companion Oberon.

Nicola told me that the last bus that I can use my pass on is 11:35pm to the beach well even if its raining I can get of a Kemp town and walk with Obi to the arches along the sea front and have cover, but then if it continues to rain then we are going to get wet a fair bit, the question is it worth it?
Hell yeah I think its time I took charge of my life, all part of the self healing, so far the smoking is now going on 7 days with no tobacco at all and no patches just the none tabac nicotine cigs, and its working I get the feeling and panic but I am in control of it. br />
Some other things are happening which are really nice and I can't wait for the new year, I am so lucky to have good family, friends and things to do in the coming month of January, all there is to say Happy new year and may the eyes of fate smile upon you and me welcome new Horizons xxxx

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