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Monday, 7 January 2013

The New Year at Last.

It took me and Obi nearly an Hour and a Half to get back from the beach, it was not wet or windy for a change and the walk was fun if not exhausting and only one person wished me happy new year, the beach was full of clicks people and the odd beggar trying it on see if he can get money.

Several groups of people started counting down but it was all different some were on 5 where as others were on 20 then 14 drink or drugs or just cheap watches who knows lol. I just choose my time and wished every one a happy new year as me and the boy walked along the sea front, as if in our own little world.

As we walked along the seafront, leaving all the pubs, and night clubs behind us, the big wheel but a distant speck of illumination in the sky line, the marina's fly over of cars coming and going, the constant bustle of life and Celebration, and overly guy attitudes of young good looking men.

The day after or morning after, me and Oberon are both like Zombies, I am sure he lost 2-3inches in hight from all the walking on the 31st December, since we came here on the day of the end of the world 211212, We have not stopped since we landed on her door step... Essex feels so far away now.

Every thing feels so long ago now, i have many new plans for the coming month, If only I had more money, I really need my massage table here with me, J said she bring it soon, I really hope so.

Well a few emails have been sent back and forth J is coming tomorrow with Tom and they will bring my massage table, computer, and surround system, plus some bags of stuff! its going to be busy today as well as my stuff coming, Obi is due his first hair cut of the year at Doggy Fashion in Kemp Town the guy quarter of Brighton, which is also one of the most vibrant places lot of cafes, bars and restaurants and we are told it will cost $40 will blog it tomorrow just hope its a good experience!

Well I got a visit from J and her mum and Tom it was so nice to see them and they brought the stuff I needed to get started my massage table at last plus my computer now to get some Business cards made up and get some adverts in the Friday Ad.

I got an email this morning from Friday AD telling me my advert has went viral at last, I could not afford to get it into the free newspaper, but If i get a client or two out of the web ad, I will put some of the money by to get a place on the paper as well, and the name of my little therapies company is SOUL SOLUTIONS, with big thanks to my darling sister for helping and John for doing my business cards.

Obi Looks proper dapper in his new hair do, and golly he did strut his stuff coming down kemp town last night, I took him for a short walk along the beach so he could show himself off to his adoring fans that might be about its true people did look more at him and yet I find him most beautiful when you can't see his eyes lol and he a bit scruffy, but then people accept neat and tidy far to easy these days.

I hope your start to the year was good and that you did not have a terrible 1/1/2013 of Worshiping at the Porcelain thrown. xxxxxx

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