The Crows nest!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Crow's nest sails again!

I'm not one for the drama of it, but hey that's just me but during Obi's first walk of the day I walked along the beach from the Grand, past the big wheel way by gay quarter of Kemp, its bustling cafes line the long narrow one way street, accommodating its myriad of shops the Ann Summers of Men to pampering pets to a drag pub, as well as he usual local shops bakers, paper shops and burger joints and of course Pubs.

But here I am, in a flat with my sister her Man two cat's and two dogs, and a whole kitchen full of cleaning products just begging to be used, well the flat is a two bed kitchen bathroom toilet and front room with a veranda over looking the racecourse up above where horses can be seen on race days.

I suffer from a mild form of OCD, I can't stop cleaning, sometimes I will clean till I make myself sick, I hate dust, dirt and spills I cannot leave it un touched, even worse when its not my place, its as if untidiness mocks me.

That aside, now for the blog, well I actually started the crows nest when I was in Brighton nearly 5 years ago, and now its come full circle, its now back in Brighton its Origins, and in that time so much has happened.

And of course Brighton has changed also, something I should have done here the first time round was start my own massage business and do more activities but since my impromptu dumping of me and Obi here on the 21st of December I have gone and done just that.

From the 18th of January on wards I will be doing two Argentinian Tango lessons a week for the next six weeks then down to the one held at the Good Companion in the seven dials area of Brighton a place I recognise as a place I used to go drinking with a work pal Selma so many years ago, I wonder where she is these days?

I have come back with and I hope new wind in my sails, taking on what new challenges and trials that washes upon my stern, with finally feeling I can call myself a now and new none smoker I am finally taking control of choosing when I am to die, I am no longer in a rush to embrace my old and tiered friend death just yet.

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