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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I'll stop the world and melt with you...

That's is the words to a song that have always had a message for me, no mater what the world is going through the words remain the same love, I can close my eyes and melt with you, the beat and harmony to the song is a slow Bossa Nova slow beat, the girl singing the song has a wonderful voice, I could never think of a dance for it other than swinging in a hammock on a Mexican tropical beach, until now.

The future is open wide and I'll melt with you baby. The Argentina Tango is perfect for this song.

In all my years of marriage I can safely say I have never had not only make my own entertainment but actually for once in my life take the bull firmly by the horns, and I shook it.

I stood apprehensively opposite the Station Pub, with the sounds of daily life, the trundling trains as they take of to Brighton and Worthing, a taxi cab obscures my view of the pub, I silently curse him to move on, darkened figures emerge from the Hove commuter station a single man with a black umbrella darting into the waiting cab.

I continue to watch trying to see inside the dark interior of the Pub two people dance a slow tango, the bust stop board springs into life the number 7 bus to the marina is due in 3 mins.
Silently accept my failure and decide to go back on the bus to the Marina I start to type out on Facebook for some reason I stop and I have courage and dash across the road and will and push myself into the pub walk to he back and a few of the students from my class standup smiling and waving me to join them at the table.

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