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Monday, 10 December 2012

Separate ways.

Due to the general atmosphere of the cottage, sometimes its ok but a lot of the times we just sit and stair at the telly only talking if one wants a cup of tea or something from the kitchen.
The rest of the time its spent in silence neither of us know what to say, when so much has been said already we moving apart, and must move on, over and over again. On the 21st of December, I will be moving down to be with my baby sister Nicola & John and there cat’s and dog, well it be cat’s and dog’s, just like the film.
The decision was not taken lightly, and maybe its just what we need, I don’t feel as if I can settle, the house no longer has my name upon the deed, the document says Nil Consideration, this has hit me so hard, I find my anger difficult to deal with, and usually end up turning it on myself, like I have done before.
Maybe this is the boost I need to finally kick the habit of smoking once and for all, I been planning on what to do in Brighton since I be there for the duration of January 2013.
There are two Argentinian Tango classes on, and I am thinking fuck it I go on both, also I might take the opportunity to go swimming at the king George swimming pool, the only thing I need to find out is if I can safely use my bus pass in Sussex?
I was a wee bit worried about the dance class, I sent an email to the teacher and she said no problemo come along and we will fix you out, Um Yay I think!
I might start going to the swimming at least a few times a week after Obi has had his first walk, One thing I do like about Brighton is there are so many places you can walk a dog, the beach the downs and there are so many parks to choose from.
Quite funny really my sister and her man John both lovely people, but they have it fixed in there head that the world will end on the 21st December all this 2012 stuff lol, so they have tried to get me to come a day early or a day late! Just give me a fucking key and I will let myself in FFS.
The world is not going to end on the 21st in fact the 22nd will be just another day but wait the cog’s are working….. Um ok the world is going to end can I have my Yule present now please?

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