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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Living with Family

Well me and Obi arrived no more than 4 days ago, both of us J and me looked uncomfortable and edgy in each others company, J had got her sister to come with us, which was of good support to J but for me it was less space in the car for my stuff, I had left behind my massage table, computer and some bags, its interesting the stuff I wanted to bring I did not find space for.

I don't think a single day has gone by where I have not been awake to the early hours of the morning as of now its 1:28am and I am listening to Mysterious universe though I should get out of that thinking and get to sleep at a more reasonable time, and I need to eat some proper food, I am not eating much.

Since I have moved back to Brighton I been taking Obi out for long sea walks, from the bottom of Whitehawk and walk along to the Brighton pier and the new addiction of the new Ferris wheel.I have now spent Six full days down here 5 of them a none smoker I am not by my first week and already I am moody, sarcastic, sad, happy and walking into the wind.

I have not felt like I wanted to celebrate Yule or the new year at all, its been a roller-coaster of a journey so far and yes I wanted to get off, many times I don't know what keeps me going the support of family and some very close friends.

Since we have moved down there has been a lot of rain and wind which in a funny way has dried out Obi before we get back home though still a bit damn, I have been using his slicker brush on him daily morning and evening, so far its making his coat look good.

It has been a difficult and a very productive experience for Obi which is a blessing it keeps me going seeing him happy he has met a few doggy friends mostly along the beach front I use my bus pass to transport us both from town and walk back to the Marina which is a long walk over 2-3 miles and has shown us that Brighton is as far as healing is a good place to be, I just hope my massage table comes soon into the new year, I have got a lot of things on will blog in the new year so happy times for me, Obi and you HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 we made it by 2012.

As the day slowly come to a close, the sands of time slipping away from one old year to the next new year, I for one will be on the beach with Obi watching the fire works listening to the crowds cheer and be merry as a new morning begins.

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