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Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Ahoy mates, no sorry for being so long away from the key board this time when in fact I was never far away anyway, I was just doing other things, but it has been bloody ages since I did myself a blog and just let rip. You know I don’t even remember my last post but to bring you up to speed a lot has happened a visit and 4 stints when I had my last heart attack, more qualifications for Reflexology and I have even advertised myself well in the local post office that is and nope the phone not rung yet with an eager client. I even have my own treatment room one and two well two has a way to go before I call it a treatment room the tavern still dark but cosy must be all that pirate stuff collecting on the shelf’s and my models yeah found my hand for models again after so long done 4 over the past months Voyager, Space shuttle and Saturn V and I’m working on the HMS Victory battle ship now that’s a crafty wee thing so fiddly but I intend to take my time with that one.
Well it was Halloween yesterday, the Village had a party, I never been to a Halloween party before so did not know what to expect other than dressing up, I decided I would wear my Star Trek top from NG security officer, which is not bad and it was noticed right away ooh there’s a trekkie boomed Linda the local dog’s body who works in the post office and café when she is needed.
I took a bowl of chocolate buttons in mini packets and some variety of sweets in bags meant for Halloween, the whole thing lasted 20 seconds when 4 little boys decided to help them self’s to the goodies talk about greedy they were. I wanted to tell them leave some for the other kids, but there is this attitude in the world that you just can’t tell a kid off, when its not your own, after 10 minutes I was actually starting to feel like a predator some evil molester with all these kids sugaring around, and the fact of the matter was I never wanted kids me and fox decided a long-long time ago we would never have children, agreeing that this world or country was too sick to bring a child in to, and my view has not changed with all the abuse that’s going on, and some people will make you believe its an epidemic, when in fact its not, just more people report it and the police have made leaps and bounds when it comes to investigating such crimes.
But why should I feel like a predator no one said ooh that guy looks a bit dodgy or anything like that, nor did mum’s and dad’s grab there kids in front of me and drag them away from the sweet table, I would have been quite happy and content to sit there all evening like I do most morning on my little seat in the café I call my part time office. But I could not contain my feelings of unease and discomfort, I choose to sit at my usual table in the café over looking the deli counter only thing was the table was a treat table and all the kids kept coming up and taking handfuls of sweets, the bowl I took to the café was gone in seconds chocolate buttons and all.
The more I sat at the table the more I felt like a predator, a guy with a camera no kids, on my own dressed up as some star fleet perv, I had to get out, lucky for me everyone was so busy doing there own thing, I got away un-noticed by all, I could not tell Lorraine that I felt this way she was so busy keeping fort, some little boys were wanting to fill up there water pistols, squirt-squirt your wet!
I saw my bid for freedom, and I took it lucky for me I stay so close the café and legged it back home, stating I had to take Obi for a walk, it was really dark, a bit of a chill in the air but no wind, just the hurried bustle of excitement and screaming kids filled the night sky as I turned the key in the barrel of the lock, in the safety of my home. Had a quick dinner baked potato and coleslaw, Obi mopping around feeling that he has missed his evening walk, as soon as I finish he starts his usual, I want a walk dance, fully stretched his big fluffy paws on my belly and his little eye rolls, rubbing his ears ok then big fella lets get ready.
The thing is I always celebrate Halloween or as I call it All souls night, instead of being in a huge party of living people I tend to spend it with the dead in a local graveyard and toast the dearly departed, which I did the local haunt is St Mary’s down Church Lane but you can get to it via the fields, instead of going along the only main street of Sheering.
I’m not too sure if Obi likes the night time walks fox seems to think he don’t but I on the other hand do think he likes it, he never scared or jumpy not sure if a dog can see in the dark like a cat doe’s but still he goes and does his business here there and every where the only thing I don’t like him doing is peeing on gravestones I always tell him of for this and apologise to the Etheric spirit that maybe lucking about.
Tonight I have took my Tripod and camera so that I could get some dark nighttime shots, some good results I hope you all like. Well its over from me I in-tend to write more blogs I know I have neglected to write in quite a long time I promise to be more active in the coming few months since Yule is coming and something always happens positive or negative It should be fun.

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  1. Arrmand, You write so beautifully that whenever I read your words I actually feel like I am there with you in the events that happened, almost like an invisible friends who can only watch but not intervene in any way. I understand your feelings towards having the children all around you and you feeling the way you did. I took Jasmin to a local play centre last week and a little girl was crying and looking for her mummy. I asked her if she had lost her mummy and she nodded (she was about 2 and half years old) I took her hand and walked her round looking for her mother, but the whole time I was feeling incredably uneasy ... here I was a stranger to the child holding her hand whilst she is crying and shouting mummy, and I am leading her all over the place! Looked very dodgy, and no-one questioned me at any time. Luckily her mother was around a corner and quickly re-united. I think its a very sad world that we live in when innocent and good genuine people are afraid to be too close to children for fear of the publics response towards them. Still, its a no win situations because of the abuse that is rife towards children .... who can you trust, and what should you do ... what is the right or wrong etiquette in these situations. I dont know. Anyway ... back to your blog, sorry I got diverted there!! Its wonderful Arrmand, keep going with it, and I look forward to the next instalment. xx