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Tuesday, 8 November 2011


It might surprise you to know that I have been practising Reflexology for nearly or just over 21 year’s, its an art that is so relaxing and sometimes very invigorating just ask Fox she has it 5-6 times a week, though If she paid for it, I have my 3D Telly by now. The most important thing to have for reflexology other than the qualification is of course a place to do it, I have to places one is ready now just waiting to get my first few customers in the door, and the second is a work in progress. The tavern will be the second place I will use it mostly during the spring, summer and autumn, and move back to the Green room to do the winter months the tavern might be a little too cold and there is nothing worse than a cold client.
Since I moved in to doing Indian head massage as well, I thought I could do with some diploma’s from the same place it all looks good on the wall and the company I did the diplomas with has a thing with some insurance company which only costs £50 a year and protects you up to the sum of 2Million a year insurance great. The place in question is Carlton institute of therapy the nearest place is Brentwood for me to attend I can even get a bus from Potter street Harlow, though the price of the bus is costly £8 return or £5 one way.
The only grip I had was getting up so early in the morning first morning was not so bad Mum, Tom and Glen drove me to Brentwood for the course I just had to get the bus back home after the first day, well they picked me up exactly 8:30am it only took Tom 30 minutes to get there, and as I got out the car just outside the front entrance of the institute, only thing was the damn place has moved to the High Street thanks Carlton for that bit of information, I end up walking up and down the High street looking for the place.
In the end I was 10 minutes late for the start of the course, I hate being late and get anxious, in case they refuse me entry cause I am late for the start, but my state of mind always tries to sabotage everything at one time I would have walked away and made some excuse why I could not get there, this time I just went in and hoped for the best, what I got was big smiles and a welcome to the course.
The class is an Odd number in total including me is seven one for every deadly sin, mine would be vain lol, what that means is that one group will be a group of 3 and two groups of one on one. We begin with introductions and a little information about ourselves and what we plan to do with our diplomas I tell them that I have nearly 21 years experience of reflexology, she asks me why do I want to do this course well I said I been practising for so long and I am quite sure I have picked up some bad habits and I want to do more for my clients, she seemed to accept that, and yes I did learn some new things and remembered things I have long since stopped doing.
I said to the instructor in private that instead of working on a group of three could I work on a member of staff? I did this before during the Indian head massage. She agrees with me that it be a good idea. One of the girls has loose skin between her toes, the instructor looks at it thinking that it might be athletes foot, which it wasn’t but I felt sorry for the girl as everyone that touched her feet the students wore latex gloves, one of the things I have never done is wear gloves, I would rather disinfect my hands than wear gloves. My experience shows during the class from foot rocking to handling, I find that more and more of the staff are coming to have there feet done, and over the course of the two days I was not corrected once, well in fact I resisted correcting the instructor on a number of occasions, her diagnosis of certain parts of the feet were wrong.
I just grit my teeth and remain silent, not wanting to cause ripples in class, the first day is almost over the thought of getting home wanders into my head I have to get a bus back to Harlow and get another bus from Harlow to Sheering. I am looking at a journey of at least 2 hours, talk about uncomfortable ride home my back is killing me, the good thing is the bus turns up at the stop just outside the institute, with in 10 mins. I do not get back home till well after 7pm, I almost crawling in the front door Obi descends upon me, Fox has took 2 days off to keep Obi company in my absence. Yelps and howls of happiness and nibbling licks and woofs, god I missed my wee boy so much we cuddle on the sofa, fox makes a tea, and asks you going to take him out for a walk soon? Yeah just let me have a tea first then we can go out. I spend an hour just walking in the dark side paths on the fields before settling down to my flash of tea in St Mary’s church yard as our long walk comes to an end, its not often that Obi comes on the bench with me, and huddles up close happy that I am back with him. The thoughts of the day replay in my head from the beginning, during my time meditation the bell starts to ding on the hour, it’s tone brings me out of my light trance, I spill the tea all over my groin, yuk I finish off the remaining liquid in my flash before heading off back home its now gone 9pm and I feel so tired, I’m ready for bed.
The second day I’m up so early its like 5:30am it feels like I am shovelling the cornflakes down my neck, at around 6am I finally finish my breakfast and take my tables, I carry not only my GTN but also some Tramadol as the day progresses I start to get a little painful in my hands, the amount of sessions I do, will be more than I would normally do in a day at most I could do 4 clients for reflexology but on the course your going from one to the next and because I was doing members of staff as well over the course of two days I have done 6 members of staff, and 4 students.
I use some of my own techniques, which the instructor keeps a keen eye on; not for correcting me but I sure it will make its way into the course next year lol, I actually don’t mind I think if someone is going to pay then they deserve all the goodness the therapist offers. At the end of the day we collect our Diploma’s and leave all students scurrying of to there neck of the woods, the instructor and 2 other students ask for my phone number and email address to day no one has called or emailed me. I get home the same routine with Obi but this time Fox collects me from Ongar high street and cuts my travel by nearly an hour and a half, so nice to get home at the 5pm mark, get home and have a cuppa and get on with taking Obi for his evening walk. The next few days I spend trying to make myself a poster for the post office and consider doing an advert for the local paper the Sheering news, pity it all costs money, I have to wait till the new year to advertise in the Sheering news, but I do have an advert in the local P.O. The thing is I am not happy with my advert I was wondering if people can see it or is it too messy do people actually look in the post office window? I don’t know really but I would like to do something a bit more and do my own art work but I am so crap at drawing or even the wording I could ask fox for help but she so tired when she comes home and our weekends are so tight that, finding the time to do art work and wording is lost in the background of everything else that needs doing.
So I want you all to do something for me, I want all my Essex London readers to link my blog to your twitter, FaceMalmEMoWLeBRbpP2XtR0V2C56fNVjjfNfew clients before Yule I love to take Fox to Paris for Yule or just even get a cheap 3D Telly lol, I mean if you don’t mind travelling you could always come and get your feet done or your head and shoulders, I could do a pamper party come along with a few friends and do IHM Reflex and Reiki massage. xxxx

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