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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hawkwind and the Roadhawks album.

I was 16 when I was first introduced to this great band, and the album Roadhawks, although I would only ever take Acid once I put it down to experimenting and although I don’t condone the use of drugs, I think that area of human experience is all about choice that we our self’s make for our self’s and no one else. The album by its self is a journey in to space or if you like Inner space of your mind this great bit of British, psychedelic and Hippy music will do all that for you, some of the tunes are very rock orientated like Silver Machine, I know lots of bikers that love this song myself included it makes me think of my Honda 250cc super dream, the only time I have ever converted this great music was when I had a personal stereo at that time it was tapes, if you can remember them that is lol, now I could take that great album all over the world with me, Mexico, Egypt, America, Peru and all over Europe.
I remember drinking a cold beer on the shores of Corfu’s Paliocastrisa, with Hurry on Sundown blasting in my ears, then swimming out to one of the pontoons with a torch and Space is deep as I watched the nocturnal sea creatures dart around the dark depths of the Ionian sea.
There a bit of the change from Space is deep and Winds of change that always startles me, and being face deep in the sea, nearly makes me shit myself, as if a big bloody shark is coming up behind me, no mater how hard I try to prepare myself for it.
I went on Trek America many moons ago, and by then a lot had changed now we had disk CDs, but still I had my waterproof stereo I got from a Sony shop in London, there still was no sign of the album being digitally re-mastered to CD, and yet I got a copy of the Masters of the Universe on CD, which is another great album but that another time.
The Caribbean Sea is stunning its as close to space as you can get on earth, and with a waterproof stereo, you can take your music with you, I would normally listen to the whole album but for some reason I always kept Paranoia off my tapes even that is sometimes a little too much for me to handle, don’t get me wrong its good but not if you want to relax and swim with the dolphins and fishes.
I remember so vividly going thought the Yucatan peninsula, every time the Mexican Army stopped and searched out mini bus I would be humming Urban Guerilla, I have always been a person on the side of the down trodden, on one occasion we were stopped by the Sabatista’s near to Palenke’s pyramid what a wonderful place, again I played Hurry on Sundown as we climbed the pyramid.
I got a shock this morning when feeling nostalgic, I got out my little record player, I have been wanting to take the album to some place and just get it converted to CD myself since I can find no place that sells the CD version, my shock and horror, I have left the album in my conservatory and the sun had been on it for what looks like some time, and has buckled it to hell and back, lucky it still plays but I have lost Hurry on Sundown and Urban Guerilla, I can’t afford to replace it now but I do have copies of the songs on other CDs but when I have the money I will get a new Album from Amazon which has a few second hand copies floating around. I’m so gutted some of my other albums got the same treatment but this album has been lovingly cared for just over 30 years, god is it that long, in doggy terms that’s 100s of years lol.

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